Antelope and Elk!!!

Discussion in 'Hunting Lounge' started by TallPaul, Dec 19, 2006.

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  2. I always do both.........gotta build bonus points.

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    Ditto that. Since I just drew/filled a bull elk tag, I'll just apply for the BPO.

    I'm "all in" on antelope. I'd love to draw at least one antelope tag before I die.

    Paul, if you everthink you may want to hunt antelope, apply for the BPO. 10 years from now, you'll be glad you did.
  4. Probly gonna do both elk and lopes. Gonna be harder to get drawn for archery with them dropping 1400 cow elk tags! :evil:
  5. Chief

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    Antelope: Hunt 2027 in 34B, 1 tag :frusty: . If'n someone on this site should get drawn for this hunt I can help, fairly familiar with the area.

    Elk: Hunt 3009 in 27, 25 tags :frusty: - Hunt 3031 in 27, 350 tags. This will be my last year for a bull elk tag, back and age just getting the better of me. If not drawn this coming year then the following year will be cow and that will probably be the end of my elk hunting.

    GOOD LUCK :beer:
  6. I caught the regs up on the website last night at work. So I got out the calculator and started doing some figuring. Going to cost me a bunch to get everybody put in for everything.

    Unless I just absoultely know I wont have time for a hunt, I do not put in for the BPO. Only 20% of the tags are set aside for those with the highest points. I drew an archery bull tag my first year applying, and my cousin drew archery antelope tags 2 years running last year and year before, so I know it can be done. Ijust hope we dont draw the board this time around. Although it would be quite the adventure trying to fill 8 tags. Thats lots of meat. I would be donating it to a bunch of freezers on this site probably. LOL..

    So if I can swing it should be putting in for 3 bull tags and one jr tag. and possibly 4 speed goat tags. Depends on how everything looks when the government gets through with me end of Jan. Then lookingforward to the rest of the applications come May-June. Ouch, again. Sheep hunts then. LOL

    Good luck to all who apply.

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    Who can tell me what you are to do after you tag out on an Elk. Do you have to report it right away? Archery deer hunters have to report their harvest.
    Is it the same for Elk?
    Do you do it for the General hunt ( Firearms)? :?:
  8. Then only animals you have to report a harvest of are, archery deer and bear. the reason why archery deer is included, so G&F could get accurate numbers of successful hunters when they were beat a few years ago, trying to put Kaibab archery to a draw.
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    TP - If you draw a big-game tag, G&F sends out hunter surveys shortly after your hunt period ends asking if you hunted/harvested an animal. It's not mandatory to fill it out and return it, but I always do. I think if everyone did, the G&FD would have a better handle on wildlife management issues without relying on aerial surveys for each unit. Harvest reports, coupled with surveys, could possibly give the G&F a better understanding on the numbers lost to poaching, disease and depredation. JMHO and I could certainly be wrong on this issue.
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    Always send in my card also, woud not be oppossed if those that do not have to sit out a year before re-applying.

    Lions killed must now also be reported within 48 hours, plus you are now required to do a bunch of other "stuff" like show the skull, hide and proof of sex. Think something applies to bear.

    Hey TP have you never drawn an AZ deer tag? If'n you haven't, next year apply for one of the 35a tags, Oct and/or Nov tags are pretty easy to come by. If your drawn you can come hunt with us.