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  1. I'm coming up on enough bonus points to start having a chance to draw up, what are the best units to look at?
  2. GMU 10 typically has the most tags. There are private ranches you need to work with.

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    I'm at 15 BP myself, hoping to draw within the next few years. I've been putting in for Unit 10 as my first choice, but then I live in Unit 10, so yeah. My AZ antelope hunt will likely be a once in a lifetime event for me, so I plan to make the most of it when it happens! I think there are actually better units depending on what type of hunt you're looking for though.
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  4. I live in the heart of 3C and we have several large herds of antelope that live in the open plains all around us. I see herds between Show Low and Heber all the time too.
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  5. I’ve just finished a 7 day Cow Elk Hunt in 6A and have seen a herd of 16 antelope every day in Casner park. There is a park north of Casner called Antelope Park, but I haven’t spent much time there. I assume it has some around there just because of the name. At least it’s all public land for the most part. I’ve see antelope down by Sonoita also but I think it’s on private ranch land.
  6. 4D34247F-30B8-4527-B751-E4AEC85D6A84.jpeg My cousin tagged this 14.75 incher last week on our Wyoming deer hunt. Think it only took 5 points. I should have the tag in the next year or 2. He missed a nicer one I glassed up the night before.
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  7. seems to me it is just a question of which unit you can scout the most, start now in a couple units and let what you see make your decision
  8. Nice !! Any Antelope in AZ is a Trophy now days, I believe Wyoming has alot more animals then AZ, but any speed goat is a trophy.
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  9. Yep. We call them “Wyoming fast food”.
  10. I've seen some on the hilltops around Cordes while coyote hunting.