Anti's and Mt. Lions: A sacrifical lamb?

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Do you feel the 3-month closure to hunting Mt. Lions was adopted:

  1. To better manage Mt. Lions using sound biology science

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  2. To give appeasement to the Anti's

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  3. Neither

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  1. AZ~ThunderDan

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    Folks, I have run this topic and poll issue on another forum and decided to bring it here as well.

    After reading about the outcome of the 2007 Hunt Proposals recently adopted by the AZG&F Commission, I have to ponder the decisions made with regard to the Mt. Lions.

    I've gleaned from various posts from those who attended the latest public input meetings, that it appears the Commission adopted a 3-month hunt restriction on Mt. Lions.

    I believe most us are aware of the season closure for Bobcats and why that rule was inacted. Was the same thought process for bobcats the decisive reason for the restrictions placed on our lions? Perhaps. I tend to think the latest rule proposal adoptions concerning lions are nothing more than appeasement to the relentless pressure levied by the Anti's.

    I'm wondering how many folks here think the decision was made using sound biology science, or if folks feel it was merely a sacrifical lamb to appease the Anti's? Many hunters claim that "if we give them an inch - they'll take a mile." Have we ultimately paved the first step by enabling the Anti's to erode our hunting rights and privilege's in general, or have we simply caved-in to the pressure of poor kitty by using sound biological management?
  2. What is sad is from what I understand is, the AZ Deer Association (ADA), AZ Wildlife Federation (AWF) and Wildlife Conservation Council (WCC) backed this.
    Before this decision was made, it would have been nice to know how many lions were killed during those months. In much of the state, it is too hot to run dogs.
    What is really bad is, I heard there was a comment made to the Commission that they will be back to try to get the season shortened to 6 months next year.

  3. i can try and find out for you if you would like? since the mohave sportsman club is part of the WCC and has the ADA come and cook at the ranch clean up in june just let me know ok. and i will make a few calls snice i have a day off lol
  4. ok just talked to Don Martin and he said the Houndsmen wanted this to happen so it did happen and the anit's did tell them "thank you" and the houndsmen wanted it closed for 6 months plus they wanted the muliti bag limits taken away in some units and Don feels it will happen there was 3 groups that voted NO the mohave sportsman club yuma rod and gun club and he couldn't remember the 3rd one this sucks big time!!! for hunters and a big win for the anit's here we go guys.
  5. why in the world would the houndsmen want it closed for 6 months????
    Whatever happened to wildlife management?? So, we will lose more deer because we will have more lions................GRRRRRRRRR
  6. yes i know it sucks but thats what Don just told me i'm still the phone with him lol he is very upset about it but we lost the vote we tryed the club voted not to close it but we lost damm it. its the houndsmen wanted it closed and they got it closed
  7. over 100 houndsmen from all over arizona is what don just told me
  8. AZ~ThunderDan

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    Heck, I didn't even know there were 100 lion hounds in the state, let alone that many hound hunters.

    Guess I need to join a few hunt forums or something for keeping up on these proposals. Seems to me the Mt. Lion issue flew in under the radar? Not having made any of the 2007 Commission meetings, I may well be dead wrong.