Any bowhunters out there???

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  1. Well, lets get it figured out before we know what we draw for tags......
    I have 9 points for elk, because I have been unlucky so far to draw a unit 9 tag. You see, I only apply for that with no 2nd choice, maybe this will be my year.
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    Garth, I hope you draw that tag. Unit 9 is a sweet unit for elk.

    Looking forward to your guidance and input. Welcome aboard.

  3. Thanks for the welcome...........i like this site and think it will be a great one.
  4. Garth, I too have 9 points for elk and put in unit 9 as my only choice. I'm going to hunt it one time before I die God be willing. After these points are gone I'll apply where I think I can get drawn.
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    Hi Garth

    Hey there Garth welcome. I don't bow hunt. I have a Bow,but don't use it. I have a bum wrist and arm and sholder.... WA WA WA.. I am a gunner now I may get back into it. I still have my Hay bails in my back yard. :lol:
  6. creed, sounds like we think alot alike. That is what i have said for a long time, I want to hunt 9 one time before I die, then I will apply for easier units.
    My son drew it with 2 points, then 2 years ago, my friend drew it with 2 points, and I have spent alot of time there videoing and exploring.
    It truely has to be the best hunt for elk. To go into the field and not run into other hunters is a major blessing. And, to go out and blow a cow call and get 3 responses, and the bulls literally run to you looking for he cow is so exciting.
    Maybe this will be our year, if so, maybe we can share a campfire. If I draw, I will be there the whole hunt.
  7. Tallpaul,
    If there is any way you can shoot, get back into it. One thing, the new bows are much easier than the old ones. You can shoot lot less poundage and still maintain your desired speed. If you have a chance, go to the Bowhunter Happening. Bowtech will be there and you can shoot their bows and see what I mean.
    As always, let me know if I can help.
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    bowhunter, I have an old PSE compond. Thats what I am worried about, the New Bows- every thing I have been hearing about is all good. Don't forget I am the cheapist guy around. :lol: I was looking at the Matthews Bows and Hoyts and Bowtec. I can't make my mind up about witch is better for me. Heck , I still looking at varmit guns and looks like it's a .223 cal. but not witch Manufacture. :roll:
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    Use to be a bow hunter, many years ago. A parachute accident, age and 4 years in Vietnam has placed some physical restrictions on what I can and cannot do. I can still pull a bow, I just can't pull it enough times to get the amount of practice I need to become proficient enough to feel comfortable in a hunting situation.
  10. Oddly enough, since there are only 14 members currently on this site, let me be the THIRD one of us that has 9 bonus points and I only put unit 9 for my first choice with no second choice!! Freaky!!!