Anyone here hunt these?

Discussion in 'Big Game' started by Where's Bruce?, Oct 25, 2020.

  1. Look again, this time sober.
    drink and smoke.jpg
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  2. Excuse Me Sir, But that is not going to carry crap unless its your lunch pail or backpack !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. Might need to make a few trips that Bull I saw on Meateater they hauled out with a car carrier :eek:
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  4. A quarter in the backpack, one in the trailer and front quarters strapped to the bike and walked out using walk-assist (2.5MPH feature on the Mule exclusively for this situation).
    Tested the trailer using big Sparkletts bottles.
  5. bikeload2small.JPG Trailer can handle 100-125lbs of meat. A two wheeler could handle more, might get one.
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  6. Low Clearance, looks to be an inch or two at most. Still Good for Backpack and Lunch Bag:rolleyes:

    Sorry Bruce, someone has to play Devils Advocate. Other wise still like Bike Though. Saw several up by Tonto Crk last weekend , went by to quick,.... Kat..... something was all saw on frame. and They were not offroad, they were driving down the pavement.
  7. tell us more about said bike....looks cool!
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  8. It's a Bakcou Mule 1000...the first backcountry ebike completely built from the ground up for hunting.

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