Archery Deer Trip?

Discussion in 'Archers Lodge' started by DutchmanAZ, Jul 27, 2006.

  1. Is anyone interested in teaming up for an archery deer hunt this year? I'm an archery rookie so I can't promise any success, but regardless it would be a good time and hopefully everyone would learn something. I've been advised
    to stay away from the Kiabab, so I won't be going up there. Area yet to be determined.
    I do not have a trailer or anything else fancy; I simply use a tent and try to keep everything as basic and simple as possible. I most likely will have my son along as well. I've been known to have a couple of beers in the evening, but nothing too crazy. I figure I'm up there to hunt, not get blasted :?
  2. WOW...10 views and no response.
    I'm not an axe murderer or anything. Hopefully a soon to be deer murderer though. :lol:

  3. If it's close enough, I'm in. January for sure :) December, if necessary...
  4. As much as I would like to I am done for the year, I got my deer in Jan. Now that I have my first one out of the way I won't take a little deer in Jan. Takes away half the anticipation of the draw and leaves you scratching your head wondering if it was worth it. Now should I see some of those goodies Creed gets on to there is no doubt about tagging out in Jan.
  5. I drew a December Coues deer hunt, so I don't get to bow hunt this year. Otherwise it sounds like fun.
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    I'm not sure about that Ron. I did see you carrying a Hand Cooler and running up a hill when we went fishing and you never let me see in side of it. :lol:
  7. Ok it's settled.........archery deer hunt at Creed's!!
  8. That desert country doesn't open up until Dec. I got the impression from the posts that folks wanted to hit the early archery hunt in the pine tree units. It is a nice time to get out of the heat.
  9. I've never hunted the desert beyond trying to scare up a few quail. Couple that with being new to archery hunting in general, I'm a bit confused on how I would proceed (beyond what's been offerred on here) I've hunted country similar to the areas around Flag, Ashurst, Stoneman, etc so I may end up at least trying a time or two up there.
    The thing about hunting so early (Sep) is I guess you'd have to bone everything out and get it into a cooler pretty quick. Not cold enough out to hang anything for any length of time.
  10. Dutch, here is what I do for hunting in Az. I freeze a case of 16 oz drinking water bottles and a couple of gallon jugs of water, 3 for deer & 4 for elk. I try and get them froze long before the season so they are hard frozen. Then once you have game, get it back to camp and skin it, hang the gal jugs in the carcass and cover with a game bag. Then wrap that with a tarp and put up another tarp to shade the whole thing. Since I do most of my butchering in the field I pack along freezer paper so for getting everything home I will lay down a layer of drinking bottles, cover with a layer of freezer paper, then stack in my meat packs or qtrs. I will add in more drinking bottles as space allows. This keeps your meat cool and not soaking in water, as close to a dry box as I can come. I carry a couple of coolers, one for chow and the other for meat. I keep the frozen bottles in the meat cooler and never open it until I have meat for it. A standard 48 qt gooler is large enough for deer and I have a 166 qt cooler that I use for elk. The 166 will hold all 4 qtrs of a cow without boning out, a bull needs to have some boning done to fit. I also have an old refrigerator on my back porch that I use as a meat locker. I pull out the racks and age my hind qtrs before I cut them up. Since we seem to eat more burger than anything else I turn the front qtrs, neck & brisket into grind packs and get my steaks from the backstrap, tl's and hind qtrs. This method works great, I have never had any meat go bad using it.