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opps this you all need to read also its really good i'll keep you all updated with this info as i get it lol.

Archery deer/turkey overlap

The day started off with the department’s Big Game Supervisor Leonard Ordway making a presentation on the overlap of the archery deer and turkey seasons with the archery bull elk season in September.

“We have heard from more sportsmen on this issue than anything else we’re going to do today,” Ordway said.

Ordway noted that the department had inadvertently caused the problem when they moved up the archery elk season at sportsmen’s request, one week earlier in September.

The result would be that archery elk hunters, some who had waited for a decade or more to draw a tag, would be in the field at the same time as archers who purchased over-the-counter archery deer and turkey tags.

The discussions ended when the Commission approved moving the archery deer/turkey seasons up a week. They will start on August 24 and end on Sept. 13, the day before the elk seasons open
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