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  1. Ok, archery deer opens Friday, where is everyone going fer their buck?
    I am going back to unit 22, I have been trying to get a whitetail with my bow for quite a few years, and have either missed or been messed up somehow. But, I have a good feeling about this hunt.
    I have had a decent year so far, I have taken a javelina, 2 eastern whitetails and an antelope, but I would love to ad a Coues.
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    Not sure exactly where yet. If it stays dry, I'll hunt the deserts over water. If it's wet/rainy, I'll still hunt the deserts, spot and stalk.

    Garth, I have a strong hunch a nice coues buck will be added to your mix bag this year.

  3. Not too sure yet either. 41, 39, or 42?? Strong chance, since I know 42 as well as I do, that could be the place. It seems no matter how much scouting and looking around in the off season I do, I always come home to 42.

    There's a good chance I'll be hunting where Az Thunder is hunting.
  4. Maybe you guys will pull off a twofer!!
  5. Unit 23. Gonna be chilly! :shock:
  6. Your huevos are gonna freeze archerman. I've been in 23 in December in a bad snowstorm and it wasn't too bad. Until it warmed up one day, everything started to melt, then it got cold. I landed on my butt multiple times daily.

    Garth, I have just the deer picked out for Dan. If it doesn't cause him to short circuit when it walks up on him then nothing will. I'd probably just pass out. I'm heading out to the spot on Friday. I'm seriously considering shooting the first legal deer that gets in range just to get it out of my blood. I wouldn't be nearly as trigger happy in Jan.
  7. Bruce,
    Tell Dan to do 50 jumping jacks and then shoot his bow to simulate what his heart will be doing....hehehe.
    I would love to video that!
  8. Got my cup warmer's from Cabela's already! :lol:
  9. Somewhere in either 32 or 33.Or maybe both. I dont know yet. Havent decided. And I have to take my Brother in Law out also. So if he goes we will be hunting low and chasing mulies. if he dosent go I will be up high chasing the coues. Several dozens of arrows launched and not a one connected with a coues as of yet. I really need to rectify that. LOL.....

    Good luck to those of you going out.

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    I've got to work opening weekend. Mid week I'll be in unit 29. Looking for another coues. I just love those little deer. Almost as much fun as hunting varmints.