Archery experts, advice needed.

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  1. Only have been doing archery a couple of years and with the broken ribs that put me out about 4-months. I enjoy shooting and have been practicing at Arizona Archery Club. My plan is to upgrade my bow in a year or so. I don't have any issues with it, but as I become more serious would like to get a better bow. I have been wanting to upgrade my sights as I just got the standard package that came with the bow. I am sitting on the fence for the below product. So far, reviews have been great. I can get it new for $494. I would like opinions from the more experienced hunters. My idea is to switch this to the new bow when I upgrade next year and sell my old bow with everything that came with it. In the end, would like a sight that would last a few years, like other Burris products full no questions asked on the warranty.
  2. My bow is still for sale,Smokin deal, Waiting on Ram to buy It, and I think Im going to try single pin magnified sight. set sight at 25 yrds, have a 12 yard window either way when using it I think.

  3. I've never used a bow mounted rangefinder / sight combo, so this is just speculation on my part. I think that being able to range a critter with a finger tap while at full draw would greatly increase my confidence, which likely leads to more accurate shooting. I only strayed using a hand held rangefinder 3 years ago, and while I value it a lot, when you put it down to draw, and the critter moves, you tend to worry / wonder sometimes about how the distance has changed, rather than focusing on picking your spot, solid anchor, etc. So, this sounds like a good idea to me. That said, I also dont like increased reliance on technology, wondering if a battery will cheap out on a cold day, whatever. Not much help, but all in all, your under $500 is considerably lower than list, so that is good, even if still pricey.
  4. If you plan on hunting out of state, you need to be aware that these sights are illegal to use for hunting in several states.
  5. Besides being expensive, they add weight to your bow and make it a bit awkward on balance. Your better off buying a faster, flatter shooting bow, where if an animal moves a few yards, your still in kill zone with original sighting. IF, I keep my bow, Im going to a magnified single pin sight, sight it for say 35 yards, then your good at 25 or 45 yards. Let face it, chances of getting closer then 20 yards is slim, not unheard of, but slim Chance, Ive had them, but i've hunted for 40+ years, so it happens, Most shots in AZ are at say 35+ yards, or alot further. I know guys that practice out to a 100 yards, but thats not me, and most should not even try. Ive seen elk in the woods during the season with an arrow sicking out of the butt or hip, Most likely wont kill unless it gets infected( Good Chance) then die a terrible death, Im a little more ethical then that.
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  6. This is pretty much how I roll. Single pin, set to 35. I'm good up to 45 for being in the kill zone. Plus, if the animal is at 40 or beyond, I have time to range and adjust my sight.

    I will practice out to 80 yds, not because I'd ever take an 80 yd shot, but because it magnifies every little thing you do wrong. (believe me, that's a very long list)

    Though, if there's a 400+ bull standing broadside in zero wind, I'd think an awful long time about taking the shot. (not really, 60-65 is really the end of my ethical shot zone, and 60 is probably where it should end)

    I'm going to temper what bear said slightly:

    Speed thrills, accuracy kills.

    you want the fastest bow you can shoot accurately. shooting an arrow at 350 fps is worthless if you can't draw, hold and shoot the bow and consistently put the arrows where they need to go.

    I'm currently at 70 lbs draw wt, but I figure I'm a couple years away from getting a set of 60lb limbs or a new bow.
  7. I would stick with regular pin/pins, and if I was going to buy a rangefinding sight , I would save my pennies and go with Garmin. I had one last year. No complaints, just not my thing