Archery Mule Deer in Region 5 help!

Discussion in 'Big Game' started by Elijah Harris, May 21, 2017.

  1. Hi everyone, I was just looking for a little input on a place where I can go archery mule deer hunting in Region 5, I know there are many so to be more specific I'm the kind of guy to hike miles into a spot if it means I can get away from all other hunters. So if you have an idea where I can do a successful back country hunt please let me know. Whether it's a drawn hunt or OTC (Sept, Nov, and Dec), either will work but preferably a OTC September hunt. Not asking for anyone secret spot unless of course you want to give that away;) I'm just looking for a good Unit or area to start scouting, again preferably a place that's not very accessible and holds a somewhat decent amount of deer. I'm thinking on checking out units 36a, 30b, 33, and 27. I'm located in Tucson, AZ so the closer the better but anywhere in region 5 works. I'll take any advice at all! Thank you!
  2. if you are in tucson go to 33 great bucks there
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  3. Thanks! It's my number one option so far, any recommendation as to where in the unit? Preferably somewhat remote?
  4. go find water, as many places as you can, let the ground tell you which holes are getting hit the hardest and build you a blind about a month before you plan on sitting it
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  5. anywhere in the wilderness you will get away from people.
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  6. I've heard 33 gets hit hard that's why i ask
  7. there is a lot of tags but you can get away from people, also if you want to hunt whitetails is easier to get away form people.
  8. Yea I'm a much more experienced whitetail hunter as opposed to mulies, any recommendations as far as specific areas?
  9. look at game and fish website and the areas they recommend, get a map or google earth or both is best and you will figure out the best areas and go scout and glass.
  10. Those two things are exactly what I've been doing since we lasted talked lol