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  1. Terry Petko has asked me to be the Public Information Officer for the Arizona HOAL group. I am honored that they asked, and am excited to be working with such a great organization. I will be writing their articles, press releases, etc., and assisting with other literary duties as required. Steve and I will also be doing what we can to help support them via the AZ sites.


    Arizona Chapter
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    Way to Marshall.:tea:

    Hey Rat, Not every one knows what HOAL is. I beleive it's Hunt Of A Lifetime. Some of us "CASUAL HUNTERS" may not understand.:mrgreen:

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  3. Congrats i know Terry i have talked to him a few times and we have donated tags to him i 100% support HOAL all the time if you need any help give me a yell and i'll be more then happy to help out. i'm also very good friends with Don Martin who guides for HOAL.