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  1. All - AHT is the parent of this site. My Desert Rat blog is like a cousin Very Happy They are owned by Steve and Tom Remington (great guys, BTW) who also own

    Their goal is to build a nationwide network of both bloggers, and sites like AHT with forums attached. So if you know folks like us in other states, have them check out Skinny Moose and the US Hunting Today site.

    OK, now on to this site. Obviously, we encourage people to sign up for the forums, and they are a good place to chew the fat. We also need submissions for AHT - recipes, photos, tips, opinion pieces, how-to's, whatever Arizona-related stuff you think might interest others. Don't worry about your writing abilities - I will be editing/proofreading stuff before submitting it to Steve (who is also our webmaster). Let folks know what we have going here. You don't have to be a forum member, personal friend, or member of our "club", to submit items to AHT.

    If you know vendors/stores/service providers who might be interested in advertising on these sites, send them my way. We do have some rates worked up.

    We are also looking for a State Sales Director. Pay is a percenatge of sales - Steve will be happy to talk to you about that.

    And there you have it :lol:
  2. Hey marshall,
    Can we have a turkey and a scenery column? the scenery would be a nice one to have pics posted of AZ landscape.

  3. What about combining "Small Game" with "Waterfowl", and "Fur Bearers" with "Predators"? That will free up a couple of spots. It's not that we're limited, but I'd like to try and keep all the forums within one window, as much as possible...

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    Sounds good Marshall, Sure do have a lot of catagorys and heck if you combine some I think it will be eazier on these old eyes. Should free up some spaces. I don't ( myself want to go thought too many pages to find one thing. The eazier the better. Just my thought. 8)