Arizona Trappers Association 2013 Fur Sale

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  1. Interesting sale. Standing room only. It was packed and the trappers ed class was huge.

    700 lots. Most I have ever seen. Auction started at 2 and I was lot 449, 450, 451 and got out around 6:15PM and there was lots left. Top cat was 1150 when I left and I believe it was Mercers. I heard the ATA sale had better prices than Fallon last year so he put his fur in the ATA sale this year. All his cats went high. Number of locals boys did well. I sold 3 pelts for $400, $475, and $525. All lower desert pelts. Averaged $477 so prices went up significantly and the cats I sold were not that large but had good color.

    I'll let the other guys tell their prices.

    Predator Hunters that are shooting bobcats and just tossing them or trying to skin them without knowing what they are doing need to realize they are throwing away a good amount of money. I live in Gilbert and will show you how to skin a bobcat if you bring it to my home. I will lend you a stretcher and flesh it with you and show you how to stretch a bobcat so you get the MOST money for your bobcat. It's a free offer. Many take advantage of it.
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  2. Foxes are up 25-35 range. Lower desert foxes but up average got a solid $30

    Coyotes were in the toilet. Great looking ones were 12

  3. prices are most certainly up this year! been watching the sale trends from different sales. Looking good so far!
  4. [​IMG]

    We took a few down to check it out.
    cat on right one lot $600
    2 middle cats 1 lot $750 each
    cats on left 1 lot $250 each (smaller female desert cats)

    Got me motivated to get back out there and get after it and I pulled some out of freezer to thaw today. I am looking fowards to kingman !
  5. Wow nice HIGH dollar cats. You're in higher elevations? Csan you tell us what month and elevation each cat was taken at? Good information for all.
  6. Airon, I talked to a few guys who have a lot of fur who pulled their fur from NAFA this year as they claim its not making the money it once did. ATA sale was higher they were thinking. NAFA rep was at sale passing out business card. Not sure, but he might have been buying fur.

    I and others would be very interested to know how your cats sell over the new few NAFA sales. Keep us informed please.
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  7. Hyperwrx ive been looking to get a bobcat. Id like to learn to skin it properly. Im npt looking to sell it just a personal trophy. If i get one ill let you know.
  8. Hyper... very cool of you to offer up some training on skinning skills. I would cringe at the thought of someone leaving a bobcat in the field.... I dont even leave my coyotes. Just got my first cat on Friday and getting a lifesize mt. After a few more might look at selling some fur and hitting the sale someday. Anyway... good stuff.
  9. my brother in law got $1300.00 for one of his
  10. Glad I decided to put my only one to market... The other one is going to the taxidermist!
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