Assembling an AR-10

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  1. Hello friends.

    I was wondering if anyone here would be willing to help me assemble my AR-10. I am only waiting on my barrel, BCG and a few misc parts but once those arrive, I was hoping to get it pieced together. I am sure that I could do it from watching YouTube, but wouldn't mind a professional touch since this has cost me a pretty penny.

    BTW, I am definitely going to have to sand the top of the barrel nut down a mm or two, the gas tube is being pushed at a weird angle due to the nut being too thick.
  2. LOL, New gun problems. You tube is your friend, lots of gun assemble clips on it. Word of advice, assemble gun on a clean table top or plywood sheet with lots of room, springs have a way of going "BLING" and flying off somewhere, Experience here let me tell you. Be careful, lay parts out to make sure your using right spring or screw. Replace parts that dont fit right instead of "Sanding or filing" parts down.
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  3. Yeah.. freakin' gun problems. This receiver set I picked up has been a mystery, I'll tell you what. It started with it looking like an armalite pattern but is actually DPMS patterned. Then there's the fact that the manufacturer must not exist or be under a different name now, so the only source of information I have are old forum threads from years ago. Or the occasional person struggling with it now.

    I will take your advice on a clean and clear environment. When I was unpacking the lower parts kit I was amazed at how small the pieces were and I'm still not sure what all the parts are called lol.

    Since the parts are all black I was planning in placing everything on a white cloth just to be extra careful. Hopefully I don't screw it up lol. I am still not sure if my lower parts kit will be the m5 or ar-15 standard mil spec parts. The planet seems to be divided on that.
  4. Whenever I assembled an AR's small spring parts that have the potential to boing I placed the assembly inside a large clear bag, when the part flies it stays captured and easy to find.
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  5. My friend just built one and it's awesome, DM me and I can ask if he will help you out. His setup is sweet!
  6. I have built 15-20 AR 15s in my time. those parts that go boing are the ones you really should go get a couple more of because you will lose them on your first build. The one on the front of the lower for your takedown pin is a pain. The one for the takedown pin is the rear is much easier.

    Also go get some blue painters tape for the bolt release roll pin.

    The other spring that is for your safety is not difficult to put in. and the buffer spring is easy too.
    The buffer spring catch pin can be a pain but after the threads catch you should be good.

    As Bear said, to put parts on the gun that need to be modified by sanding or other means. Get the correct barrel nut for the upper. You do not want to mess at all with the gas system and that barrel nut the gas tube passes through it so its considered part of the gas system.

    The roll pin for the gas block is kind of a pain too so you want to get a small piece of wood and hollow out a natch to set the gas block in when you hammer that roll pin in to secure the gas tube.
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  7. Ta-Da!!!
    It was actually easier than I thought!! The trigger pins were the hardest part.

    I also have the gas tube and block and managed to get that nice and even and attached together. Now I just need to barrel to show up. 20201013_191455.jpg
  8. Thanks everyone for your suggestions, I didn't lose a single part :]
  9. I'd you get a cassette upgraded trigger dropping in the trigger is soooooooo much easier lol. Getting the gas port lined up to the gas block and getting the barrel nut to torque down is probably the next hardest part but no crazy difficult. What's the specs on your build? The 10 platform isn't as friendly as the 15 and parts don't interchange well
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  10. True that Khmer. I have had a hard time piecing this together, especially since I've never done it before. My buddy assured me it would be easier than an AR-15. HAH...

    Lets see... for parts:

    Vortex Razor HD LHT 3-15x50
    Mega Arms Maten upper and lower billeted receiver set
    JP Industries .308 Low-mass bolt carrier group
    Geissele Super Semi-automatic Enhanced Two Stage Tigger.
    JP industries .875 adjustable gas block and tube
    Wilson Combat 24" 6.5 creedmoor 1:8 Twist fluted & threaded sniper barrel
    Radian Charging Handle
    15" FDE MLOK handguard- forget who I got it from. I think some random store, or something.
    Bravo Company gunfighter grip
    A2 .308 rifle buffer, tube and spring.
    Magpul PRS Gen 3 Stock
    Swagger 42" bipod
    A .308 and ar-15 lower parts kit (had lots of left over parts)

    Am I forgetting anything?