Assembling an AR-10

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  1. Bipod showed up today, got that mounted!

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    Looks good so far
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  4. Get a qd mount style brake so you are surpressor ready :eek:
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  5. Do not get a suppressor unless you want Uncle Sam in your house and keeping track of all your stuff.

    Nothing wrong with a gun that goes boom.

    You are not going to be hunting with it.
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    Actually, I do plan to hunt with it on the 300. I'm not really worried about ATF coming to my house. The chances are slim to none. The urban myth that you give up your fourth Amendment rights with a NFA firearm-silencer is just that, a myth. You do not give up your rights under any amendment and the police/ATF still need probably cause, and have to prove to a judge that they have that before a search warrant is issued. There are several writings by attorneys who handle NFA applications to that affect.
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