ATV, side by side, or Jeep

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  1. I have seen some very nicely done up Suzuki Samurai's. They seem not much bigger then a SS and gives much more options
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  2. Some SXS now come with AC and the works, at that point I think I would by a JEEP,And the price is right up at the top, My quad is fine, If its cold out, Im stayin home, if you need air conditioning, take a swim in a mud hole like I did, then jump on your quad and go. Just Sayin.
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  3. I'm satisfied with my Kaw Brute Force 750i, 3" lift, 28" tires, stereo, underbody lighting, on the fly 4WD, love the Brute! 50" is the maximum width for most trails that have gates, keeps the big SXS out, sure it gets cold, but i have a big trunk on the back with just about everything i need to get by.
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  4. I love my Kawasaki Teryx. Gets me anywhere I want to go. Plus it is a blast to take out on the trails when not hunting. I actually bought it off of a team player of the Arizona Cardinals. He owned a ranch near Casa Grande at the time. The thing is loaded with upgrades, especially in the suspension. It looks a little roughed up, but runs great.
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  5. I also have a Teryx. Other than ground clearance, nothing has stopped it yet.
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  6. I used a borrowed sxs on my deer hunt last fall and the dust was a bit off putting considering the optics I had on me. I'll just drive the truck from now on...
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  7. i'll tow my Brute up to squirrel camp in October just so i don't have to move the truck so much, it's not new (2015) but it's my daily driver, the Brute has never been stuck or needed a wench. Great quad!
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  8. Cool, Im bringing my Sportsman for same reason, Looking at a new area, at least 45 min closer to Clints Wel then old spot, maybe right before Happy Jack of to north a bit. New spot would not require at least a truck to get to, an SUV would make it. Will update after I get some time to get out after my elk hunt next month.
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  9. I have had a Truck, Jeep, Samurai, a Honda Trail 90 and small 3 wheel atv's. They all have there good and bad points.
    I'm at the point that I'm looking for a light weight quad. To be mostly used as a dirt road Hoveround! I don't need to jump ditches, I am just not as able to walk like I used to.
  10. Truck and an ebike works for me.