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this is a great story we know this guy .

By: Don Martin, Outdoors Writer

Kingman resident Ed Shelley has been a sportsmen his entire life.

Ed likes to hunt and is a successful trapper. And like many of us, one of his goals was to call in and bag a mountain lion.

For over 35 years Shelly has spent a lot of time in the great outdoors trying to lure in the one of the big cats.

He has used an assortment of mouth calls and electronic calls in the pursuit of the deadliest carnivore who is at the top of the food chain in Arizona.

What makes Shelley’s pursuit of a lion much more difficult is that he has been doing it from the seat of a wheelchair.

However on Easter Sunday, Shelly’s dream came true when a mountain lion came in to a rabbit in distress call from his Fox Pro electronic caller.

The hunt started in February when Shelley found some fresh lion sign in an area east of Kingman where he had been trapping bobcats.

Shelley is one of the few in Mohave County who has mastered the use of box traps to catch bobcats. The use of leg hold traps is illegal in Arizona.

The veteran hunter then put up several trail cameras to see if he could get a photo of the animal that was leaving the tracks in the wash.

Lady Luck smiled when one day he checked the camera and sure enough there was a photo of a lion.

On the fateful April day, Shelley had loaded up his quad and headed for the mountains to try and call in a hungry mountain lion.

Initially things didn’t go well, as the caller wouldn’t work. Finally, he got it working and settled in behind a juniper tree like he had done a hundred other times.

With sundown approaching, Shelley knew that it was prime time for lions and other predators to be out hunting.

Within 15 minutes three different gray fox came in to investigate the sounds being made by the call.

At the 35 minute mark Shelley saw a streak of tawny brown coming in fast through the brush.
“At first, I thought it was a big coyote,” Shelley said. But this wasn’t a coyote.

It was an old female mountain lion that was coming in to what she thought was going to be an easy kill.

As Shelley moved to get into a position to fire his rifle, the cat came closer.

She was now just 75 yards from Shelley, but was only 11 yards from the call and was still moving towards the call and decoy.

Shelley fired a shot from his custom 6mm TCU and the cat dropped. A second shot and the life long quest was over.

Shelley had bagged his first lion! But now he was alone and had to load the lion on the back of his quad for transport to his truck. And it was starting to get dark.

Shelley later checked in the lion as required at the Region III office of the Arizona Game & Fish Department.

Department wildlife manager Virginia Gouldsbury aged the cat at over 8 years old, and it weighed 75 pounds

Shelley is having local taxidermist Don Carley do a rug mount on his trophy.
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