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  1. Why doesn't the site make an informal online contest this upcoming hunting season. Everyone post their kills with a designated playing card that is given out a week at a time. Kind of like NPHA does. Maybe everyone who participates puts in $10 and winner gets a plaque or gift card to somewhere. Set up some black and white rules so the cheating is kept to a minimum. Have a thread where everyone discusses the possible rules and gives their input.

    Just a thought.
  2. Something to think about. Not the worst idea. We'll see what the big dogs say. Until then, I'll just keep trying to split faces open. Hahaha.

  3. Not too much effort.

    1. An administrator comes on Friday morning and tells everyone the new card of the week in a thread titled 'Card for week 8/17 to 8/23'. In that week's thread participants post that weeks kills. The following week gets a new card in a new thread and hunters post in that thread, so on and so forth.
    2. Everyone who posts a photo for the contest has to follow a specific format. A. Playing card plainly visible. B. All animals shot must be facing the same direction with all parts of the animal plainly visible.
    3. Get a moderator to create a stickied thread with point totals from all the pictures posted.
    4. Figure out point totals per animal. Example- Lion 75, bobcat 25, coyote 15, fox 10, badger 10.
    5. Post a thread of all the rules and get members input on them.
    6. If guys hunt in pairs- have caller points and shooter points. Same number on both so if I am hunting alone and I shoot 2 coyotes. I get a total of 60 points- 15 points for shooting 2 coyotes is 30 points and I also called in both coyotes so I get 30 for both of them, totaling 60 points. Another example- if someone else called in a bobcat and I shot it I just get 25 points. The caller, if he is participating in this contest, gets 25 also.
    7. Hand calling- have hand callers points +2 on all animals as its tougher. So a fox is worth 12 instead of 10 and so forth.
    8. 2 ways of doing the winner. $10 entry via paypal to an admins account gets you in the contest. Winner takes all. Problem is when money is on the table people cheat. Just trust people and let honesty dominate the contest. Take the money collected and buy a plaque with the winners name on it.

    In the end something like this if ran correctly builds community spirit and gets people out hunting.

    With my trapping taking presidence this winter I would not be much of a competitor but I'd enter and have fun.
  4. rk

    rk I am NOT an Admin!

    I'm OK with a contest. I would rather see members not have to put up money to participate. I think there would be more participation (and therefore more fun) that way. I would gladly put up a $25 gift card or whatever as a prize, or one of the prizes.
  5. I understand, and its always funner when everyone participates rather than a select few.

    I have seen a few online contests result in people getting angry so its always good to outline the rules well. No gray area that can be misinterpreted.

    As an admin you'd over see a few jobs.

    1. You'll need to decide who is going to post the playing cards each Friday morning and make a new stickied thread each week. Posted card would be the first post on the weekly thread.

    2. Someone to keep track of points and post them in a stickied thread.

    3. Decide who is the go to group (like your moderators) in case of a judgement call. Odd number of guys, they vote, and their word is final.

    Arizona Predator Callers will spring for a $25 gift card to Bass Pro also.
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