AZ hunting!

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  1. You got me excited for a minute....thinking TURKEY....LOL
    Might have to put in for a second Javi hunt --
  2. Go to Kaibab for Turkey SteveG. Ive never seen a turkey up there, ever, Ive been up there and seen Buffalo, Lots of deer, grouse, bears and even elk several times, but NO thunder chickens, LOL... going to hit up a few here for info on locations.

  3. I hunted kaibab twice for thunder chicken. I did see one the day before the hunt on scouting day. Never saw another. Did see multiple places where someone had shot a turkey.
    Never had a single call responded to up there. Beautiful country though.
  4. KBH, I guess you weren't in the right areas. I've been spring turkey hunting in the Kaibab for 35+ years and while I don't always get one I always see or hear them. Often you have to go over the canyon sides a bit and be patient. They are there. They are not afraid of snow and can be tracked over snow drifts and shot if the stalks can be worked right. When you're in the bottoms you might run into groups of bison, exciting!!!! JM
  5. I know they are there. I just couldn't find them.
    I'm am still a novice turkey hunter so that likely it. I did go to unit 1 last year though and was calling in Turkeys left and right. So much fun! So I put in for and got drawn to unit 1 again.
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  6. Unit 1 is a great unit. Good luck this season. JM
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  8. They’re up there but there aren’t any leftovers
  9. Yea buddy! yea the regulations suck. Drawing for turkey lame.. but thats the way it is. If I have to spend my time hunting small game so be it. I'm out there doing it. I'll keep applying for draws,scouting and gaining knowledge. Maybe one day work for an guide/outfitter providing my skills as a wilderness first responder,backpacker and now hunter. :)
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  10. I am going to pick up my second javelina tag on Monday. :)