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TP, I received your PM and have sent you a reply.

The new forum seems to be working great and the server speed is wonderful.

It appears to me that nothing was lost from the previous forum during the cut-over to the new one, except of course, our avatars. LOL.

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Yeah I uploaded the avatars but they aren't being called to the same location. It would probably be easier to replace them. But if you can't find yours let me know cause I have all the images saved in a folder.

The only thing right now that is messed up is some of the smilies are not displaying properly. My tech guy can probably fix it in like 2 seconds but it has me baffled. (not hard to do really)

Also the look of the boards will change again. This is the default boring plain look of the new software.

We will integrate the new Arizona look into these forums as well so it will be nice and uniform looking.

Should be complete over the next few days.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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