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  1. I'd love to hear from some AZ Trappers! In all my wanderings around AZ message boards, I don't think I've seen much on trapping. I trapped all through high school and college too. I'd like to hear about trapping in AZ.
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    I myself don't know of anyone who traps in AZ. I used to trap in Pennsylvania when I was a kid (9yrs). I had 9 steel leg hold traps. Never caught anything myself. Did it for two years in the fall. I guess I was using the wrong bate. :lol:

  3. Trapping in AZ is illegal except on private land, hence the reason why you dont hear much.
  4. I knew that, I guess, but I figured if there was enough going on to have an AZ Trappers Assoc., that I would have run across somebody, somewhere along the way... :?
  5. I'm a trapper from the White Mountains. The Arizona Trappers Association has about 250 members. Most are active trappers, some join to support the ATA. The anti's were successful in banning trapping on public land in Arizona because 85% of the voting public live in Maricopa and Pina counties and are loaded with people who are uninformed about the benefits of trapping and predator control. They prey on peoples emotions and that is not the way to manage wildlife. Each year the ATA has a fur sale in Globe usually the first weekend in February. Last year we had about 1500 furs to offer 6 buyers, primarily coyote, grey fox and bobcat with a few beaver, skunk, badger and coon. We have had a lot of success trapping on public land with cage traps (which are legal) for bobcat and grey and kit fox. Coyotes won't go in one, however a trapper in Winslow caught a coyote pup in one. That's the only one I know of. Varmint callers do a great job in helping to control predators and they all support the ATA. Every varmint caller is not necessarily a trapper but every trapper is a varmint caller. I don't have much private land to trap on, but I do a lot of trapping on the Navajo Reservation. It's unknown how many sheep and antelope have been saved by this. ATA info can be obtained by contacting Cindy Seff 480-390-0723.
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    Trapped when I was in highschool, a long time ago, but haven't set a trap since then.

    Hey Paul - Where abouts in PA you from?

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    I can't remember off the top of my head, but I do recall it may have been either NY or PA that game officials are running into this problem of city folk dictating about hunting, fishing and trapping regulations. The talk has been to devise a weighted voting system that would give rural people an equal voice. Don't know if it will ever work but the idea behind it is good.
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    Hey there Chief, I come from a small town outside Philadelphia ( if I spelled that right :lol: ) about 40 miles from there in Bucks County the town is called Langhorne. It was the subburbs but still had a lot of Farms and woods. Grew up there and then came out here in 1980. Stay a fews years, driffed around a few years and came back here.
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