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  1. I was reading through another thread talking about backpack hunting, and I didn't want to jack that one, so here goes

    What does everyones packs weigh? Where I'm from back east, we almost never had packs with us, and if we did, I doubt they ever weighed more than 6-7lbs, but out here I assembled a pack for day trip hunting and the dang thing weighs over 25lbs with water and everything added to it. In my head, I've gone through everything I pack and I don't really want to ditch anything in there (1st aid kit, cooler weather gear (light coat, toque and gloves), stuff like that)
  2. Heavy, Very heavy. Knives, full water bladder, survival gear, GPS, flaslights, daily snack food ect, adds up quick. But with the right pack and a padded waist belt, you carry most of the weight on your hips. Once on and tightened down, not bad.

  3. Yea that's where I'm at now, I bought a pack (Cabelas fast tracker 40L) when I moved to the state and so far so good with the pack, although with all the stuff I have in that rig, I wish I had gotten a bigger pack so I could haul out meat on the 1st load as I don't know as I would have much room for a deer quarter unless I take everything inside the main pouch and reorganize/strap stuff to the outside on the MOLLE webs. What kind of pack do you use Bear? I through my pack on the scale, and fully loaded (water and gear) I'm running right at 30lbs currently
  4. Packnweight for me is all dependent upon the journey.. I never over pack for the short trips or underpack for the long ones.. I always pack for weather and food/water determines the how long I stay out... if I’m with a group then a base camp is necessary and more gear will probably be necessary as well.. I started with a day pack.. then worked up to a 3 day.. haven’t pushed the fates with a 5+ day trip without a toy hauler..
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  5. My pack is heavy due to the bbq, steaks, salad dressing, firewood, porta-potty ect. Lol
  6. STS


    My day pack is right at 13lbs and 9lbs of that is water in my Camelbak. If i include my Kukri, pocket knife, flashlight and sidearm (all goes directly on my belt), I'm looking at 17lbs of gear to be out for 6-10 hours depending on the heat. More time out means more weight, especially water weight.
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  7. Do you guys have the same pack/items for Deer as you would for Elk?
  8. So dang Funny, HAHA, I just carry BBQ sauce as an extra so I can eat it before I carry it out.

    Just ordered and bought new Timber Hawk, posted a review on it on here, look under gear.
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  9. If you are in the woods 3-4 miles in and you smell bbq sauce, that will be me!
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  10. I use four different packs depending on what and where I’m going. For just knocking around for small game a small modified fanny pack which weighs 5-7 depending. For a long day hunt a large fanny pack with everything I need to survive for 2 nights comes in about 15-17. If weathers a possibility a cabelas elite scout pack for extra layers and gear; maybe 20 lbs. For backcountry a full frame backpack with everything I need for 5-7 days plus my large fanny pack for the hunt; 45-50 plus rifle.
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