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    I sat a water hole Saturday and Sunday mornings. 13 degrees each day when I parked, well before daylight. Coldest part of the mornings was between 8:30 and 9:30, and I was darn glad I had good base layers on. No hiking, just sitting. We won't discuss the buck I missed at 27 yards Saturday morning...
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    Pics know! :)
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  3. Come on Ranger, Pics ???
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    I’m apparently the opposite of you guys, I’ll start with I like cold weather, not to be confused with I like to be cold. There is a difference. I wear cheap thermals under my pants and regulate my temperature on the top end. Usually start off with thermal shirt then long sleeve T and another outer layer, if it really cold I’ll have a sweat shirt too. But without fail by the time the sun is up, if I’m moving it’s not long before the layers come off. As long as I keep my hands and feet warm-ish I’m good to go.
  5. Yep on Javi hunt last year, Jim and SIL, both came out of tent one morning dressed like eskimos and that was when they had no hunt clothes on, To put his breakfast burritos in the fire to warm up, It was about 15 degrees out that morning. Way colder then I like. My porta potty broke when I sat on it cause it was frozen, LOL.... what a mess in tent.
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    It's not the best picture but this was taken on my trail cam about 20 seconds before I shot. I also have a semi-blurry picture of him running away after I missed but I didn't save it from the sd card yet. I was sitting up in the rocks across the water just out of view of the camera. Had I hit him I probably would have a picture of him with an arrow sticking out of him.

    Buck I missed 1.2.21.JPG