BBQ- What’s cooking?

Discussion in 'The Chuck Wagon' started by Buster, Apr 11, 2020.

  1. I just ate an egg that came off my smoker on Sunday. Very nice. Had salmon on at the same time but the egg never knew it. Definitely going to make a habit of this. Deviled eggs anyone?
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  2. Last batch the wife made her famous deviled eggs now with a hint of smoky flavor, you won’t be disappointed Rick Wild!

  3. Mentioned previously on the boards. Smoked bbq Dijon salmon on cedar planks. 856C15B0-662F-4D4F-B093-27935CBAB641.jpeg
  4. Forgot the pic but smoked a bean pot full of baked beans yesterday. Set a rack on top of the pot, covered it with bacon and let it drip into the beans for 2 hours then repeat, cut the bacon up and threw it in the beans. First time for this recipe. Delicious.
    Baked Beans at Fish Camp anyone?
  5. Sounds GOOD RickW, Your in charge of Baked beans and Bacon at fish camp.
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  6. Always pressure upon my soul. I’ll do my best young man
  7. I forgot a pic too but made some smoked egg salad, smoked salmon, and a smoked chuck steak. Stay at home orders made me a huge fan of my Little Chief smoker, so simple and easy to use.
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  8. Got to try the eggs, then develed egg recipe from wife.
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  9. Once you make the deviled eggs with smoked eggs you’ll never enjoy the plain old boiled style again :eek: Be careful, because this has gotten me in trouble with my mother in law. She says that my cooking intimidates here!
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