Bearfoot1’s Idaho Salmon adventure 2020

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  1. Apologies on the sideways pictures. As Dave knows, my phone is acting up and is not letting me post more than one picture at a time. We had a great time and learning experience for next year. More pictures to be posted as I collect them from other sources.

  2. Thanks Painter. (Don’t blame the phone)
  3. This one had to be released due to being a native, but she was a toad!!

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  4. Yeah fish and game have been keeping close tabs on this herd for awhile now. Started out with a collar, now I see some with two collars and a ear tag now.
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  5. Do the ones with ear tags get started and relocated? Usually what I see out here. They have a "safe to eat" expiration tag haga
  6. I got lots of bighorn pics also, came down to drink every day. Painter posted most of the pics, good for him, I got more, I made it to Page tonight, home by noon, back to work the minute I pull in it seems like,customer requests never end. Oh well, fishing was pretty spotty, but caught a few, that pile on table is what we brought home from trip. Had Fun though.
  7. Good afternoon to all-

    Bear- those are some fine looking fish- what did you catch them on? What kind of gear were you using?
    I need to get me some of that kind of fish- bet they pull hard.

    thanks for the trip pics and accounts-

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