Best boots under $200

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  1. Need to pick up some new hunting boots and am looking for something under $200. Unfortunately Danner fills that niche almost completely. Tried multiple Danners (Pronghorn, Alsea, Vital, Higher Ground) and they are plagued with problems.
    Ideally it would be about an 8 inch boot (provide some ankle support/protection).
    So what is your favorite boot and why?

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  2. I have a pair of Irish Setter Elk Trackers that I wish I would have bought sooner. Cost about the same as the Danner Pronghorns. The one difference is that they are all leather.

  3. Mine are Perfect for my strange feet, Hi Balance Trackers, 6 in, only for weird feet, not for normal hoofs.
  4. Have not had a lot of luck for under $200. I have a pair of the higher end American made Danners I really like which have worn very well.

    I also have a pair of less expensive LL Bean kangaroo with BOA closures. They are really light, give good ankle support and the BOA closure works really well to keep them tight when working a lot of vertical. Down side is they wear quickly but LL Bean is good about replacing them at no cost.
  5. I have always used redhead trackers in 8” and they have always lasted. They usually run around $129. That’s just my personal preference.
  6. I like these boots and I am damn picky about boots.
    That said, they took a long time to break in - maybe a month and a dozen miles - with some decent blisters in between.
    But, now I can go 10miles a day for multiple days with wet feet and no issues.
    I wear the insulated when I need warmth for sitting otherwise I use the non-insulated pair.
    I like a real thin wool sock in spring/fall and thicker wool sock in the winter.
    I also like their scentlok technology. I wore these boots for 2-3 days at a time this spring - maybe only taking them off for an hour or two in that 48-72hr time frame (yes, I sleep in my boots sometimes) and they'd be as fresh as a daisy.
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    You probably don't want any boot advice from me either. Over the course of my adult life, I have evolved to lighter and lighter footwear. Over 90% of my hunting/hiking/backpacking is in trail runners or low top light hikers anymore. I do have a pair of Salomon Quest 4D GTX boots that I actually like, but they are strictly for more extreme conditions, like rough terrain with a heavy load or snow...which means I rarely wear them. Although I think you can find them for under $200 if you look.

    I think it is much more important to find boots that fit right, and that may rule out the brand you like best.
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  8. Yep, Brand really means nothing, FIT is where its at. Fit well, wear them until they fall apart. It a matter of trying on a lot to find the one you like. My feet are REAL picky on what I put over them. I got a pile of old boots that didnt fit well because I was buying name, could open my own boot store.
  9. Leather holds scent, rubber does not. I wear LL Bean duck boots. $120. Rubber bottoms, leather uppers, very light. My first pair is now 25 years old and still rockin. Just not good for cold weather. Thin sole great for stalking
  10. I used to be a Danner guy for many a years, and the last three years, I have using the Salomon boots, and they are without a doubt the BEST boot I have ever used period. They have tons of support, they break in easier than any boot I have worn, and I have got three seasons out of them so far, but unless you have Experticity discounts, they are right around $230.00, but for me it is well worth the price.