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Discussion in 'Community Campfire' started by Chief, Oct 28, 2006.

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    Two year old grandson and our 8 year old dobbie. The dobbie weighs in at 110, a bit oversized for his breed, but not a bit of fat on him. He does a good job of keeping the illegals off the property and strangers don't get out of their car when they pull into the driveway. But when the grandkids come over he turns into a wimp. You can't get close to these kids when he's around and I truly believe he would kill you if you tried to do anything to them. He and the kids are just like velcro.
  2. The only thing better would be to have 2 like him

  3. Got to love the family pets. Especially the dogs like that. I will vouch for the intimidation factor of that little Dobe.. Hes not a small one. LOL.. I know from my own past that you dont want to come between a dog and a child they are protecting. Couple of the locals where we lived when I was a kid got learned by our German Shepard. LOL..

    Chief, that way cool. And a good pic also. That little one has a gleem in his eyes. Not quite as intimidating as the Dobie, but he knows who is boss. LOL

  4. I grew up with a Doberman. If my mother tried to smack me, I'd run for the dog. He wouldn't let her near me. :lol: That dog and I spent alot of time together in the backyard .