best sausage maker?

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  1. who in your opinion makes the best summer sausage for your wild game? I've used one in the past, and after it being frozen, the texture turned me off.
  2. Perkinsville meat processors . Everything they make is GOOD. Quality, comes at a price though, well worth it.

  3. The best???? Niemuth's Steak and Chop Shop - Waupaca, WI

    In AZ???? Mike at Verde Valley Processing in Camp Verde has processed many elk for me and his sausage was always very good, except for the last one. Probably had something to do with the skanky old bull I brought him!
  4. are these cured/fermented sausage, or the kind you have to keep frozen until you want to eat it. I'm hoping for something shelf stable (i.e. cured/fermented).
  5. Perkinsville Meat Processing, Call them. THE BEST.
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