Best Trolling Motor Battery? Need one quick

Discussion in 'Fishing' started by terrierjeep, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. I only have a trolling motor on my duck boat and need a solid battery as mine took a dump. I had been using an RV/Marine battery but it never held a charge for long and I need one I can use all day.

    Any one have any recommendations? I have a generator that I can recharge at night but am hoping for something that will last long than one trip out and back.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. I use Duralast Deep Cycle Marine Battery's. After use, I put them on a trickle charger till charged and leave them on it till I need them again. All 4 are over 2.5 yrs old and still going strong.

  3. Pick up a Deka AGM blem from East Penn off of 59th Ave just south of I-10. Best deal out there. I picked up two Group 31 AGM batteries for under $200 to run my trolling motor on my Champion 181. I think I've had them 3 years and still going strong. Prior to that, I had one battery to run a Minn Kota Edge 12v 45# trolling motor on my previous boat. Ran for 2 days and still had life. You should be able to grab a Group 27 for about $80.
  4. I found a deal at walmart, i hate shopping there but for the price and availability I couldn't pass it up. Everstart 29dc , has decent ratings. Got me where I needed to go this weekend and charged back up pretty quickly on a shitty generator. I think I paid like 105 out the door?
  5. Cool and what is nice is if it craps out and within the 3 or 5 year warranty, its replace no question asked... I cant remember the last time I bought a battery. Exchanged plenty
  6. Even if it gets that old, its walmart, ill just bitch until they exchange it.
  7. Not exactly. Friend of mine had a battery from Walmart under warranty. He’s very far savy and diagnosed one of his batteries in his 350 was bad. Once under load it could not sustain the amp draw and would drop voltage.
    Walmart employee tested it and said his meter said it was good.
    My friend tried to educate the employee but they would not swap it out.
    He went to interstate they diagnosed it same as my friend did. He bought two batteries from them and never buying them from Walmart again.
    I understand in a pinch and needing it right away out you in a bind just some info
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