Beware archery hunters...

Discussion in 'Archers Lodge' started by Flashflud, Sep 20, 2017.

  1. It is nice to think about though!
  2. never hurts to think about it, wouldnt have done it.

  3. Get some sharpies and put your name on everything. Stoves, coolers, bags, totes, cots, lanterns everything. It’s a good deterrent; they see that and maybe think it isn’t worth the hassle. Also know that if youre camped out in the boonies the castle doctrine still applies because that’s your Home. SSS
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  4. There should be a season for crooks. Just saying.
  5. "I doesn't matter where we go, sticky fingers always around. Hate thieving rats! Would love to have read "chased them out of camp while flinging led up their arses".

    No bag limits. ;)
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  6. I’ll be retiring Jan ‘19 so if you want a camp guard to hangout, cut wood and drink your liquor give me a shout.
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  7. SWEET, I was thinking of drinking your liquor as a charge.
  8. Not retiring yet...but happy to camp out and drink you liquor ;-)
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