Biden Says He Will ‘Defeat the NRA’ While in Office

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  1. I went out yesterday to 2 local stores to find ammo---one small "pop" store the other The Second Amendment location--shelves was amazing to see...

    While I believe it will be difficult/impossible to take our guns...I would have said there was no way Biden/Harris would, anything is possible in our current times
  2. Good morning to all-

    Well, those who holler about the new President "comin' after our guns" are just making mouth noise. Mr. Biden has more things to deal with than trying to do much of anything about private gun ownership.
    And as far as the NRA goes- to hell with it. I used a lot of their material when I worked with students in outdoor clubs at high school when it was a very good educational organization, but the present leadership of NRA has turned it into a gun manufacture's shill and twisted propaganda machine that has done more to inflame anti-hunting sentiments among non-outdoor people than any other organization.
    (Right now I am looking at a NRA banner on my computer screen which says "Join NRA or Give Up Your Guns- Fight!" and this is just the sort of BS I'm talking about.)
    So, in my opinion, outdoors people don't have much to worry about from the new President and his people.

    good day to all- Ed

  3. My answer to Mr Biden and the author thats says that: Blah, Blah, Blah, Woof, Woof !!!! Hes got enough to deal with then this stuff. Like Ed Said, " Mouth Noise"....
  4. All true, but Biden has a flotilla of goons to do the heavy lifting for him. Keep a close eye on him. FWIW. Jm
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    I would be interested in any example where anyone successfully “circumvented the Constitution”.

    I have seen cases where lower courts have made bad decisions but even liberal Supreme Courts have straightened that out. Even the 9th Circuit has been jerked up short by the Supreme Court and I am talking court decisions not perceived wrong done to Trump. None of those have held up in court or even been challenged yet.
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    I don't know if that could be considered "circumventing" as much as unable to meet the requirements but my take, for my simple mind, is ask for a change of venue. Move the trial to an area that has enough people to sit on a jury. It's done all the time when the jury pool is contaminated (a word used by attorneys when they have a weak case).
  7. Bud the constitution means nothing to these leftists.
  8. You are correct. Nancy and chucky will handle it all.
  9. The Constitution is a hindrance to these people, not a document to be followed or adhered to. It's only important when it suits their purposes. Remember, these are the people who think the founding fathers were nothing but slave-holding racists, so the Constitution is something to be avoided or even done away with.

    Ed from bama- if I remember correctly, you don't even own any guns "because of kids in the house." So, you don't even have a dog in this fight. So, please stop with the platitudes about "outdoors people have nothing to worry about ..."

    You weren't involved in the battles we had during the Clinton Administration, I was. I saw the US State Department enact a total ban on the import of all sporting arms and ammunition out of the former Soviet Union BECAUSE OF THE AMOUNT OF AMMUNITION WE HAD LICENSES FOR. We're talking about Single Shot Shotguns, and shotshells for bird hunting.

    I was heavily involved in the firearms industry at that time and saw the proposals from DC, both Democrats and Republicans and especially from the Bureaucrats for a whole host of anti-gun and anti-hunting actions, including banning all centerfire rifle ammunition that would penetrate a Level-III vest. When Clinton first designated the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, it was originally supposed to be part of the National Park System, which would have banned all hunting on the lands. It was changed due to lobbying by the NRA.

    Arizona now has two left-wing anti-gun Senators in DC, the best that California and New York money can buy. Which way do you think they will vote? The Dems are planning to do away with the filibuster and pack the Supreme Court, so how much of a chance do you think we will have of maintaining our Rights if that happens? We're talking about the same hypocrites who ran Fast and Furious allowing hundreds of weapons to flow to drug and human smuggling cartels. They knowingly caused the deaths of thousands of innocent Mexicans in addition to the death of a US Border Patrol Agent and civilian deaths here in the US. The reason for their actions? To justify further restrictions on the sale of "assault weapons."

    So yes, we have some tough times and important battles ahead.

    As far as "there being no evidence of voter fraud," is concerned:

    It's vitally important that we retake Congress in 2022 to prevent that from happening. That's going to take us all getting involved.

    As far as voter fraud is concerned:
    Texas Woman Who Bragged About Ballot Harvesting Arrested for Fraud (

    I hope that we will soon see the same thing here in AZ. We are vulnerable in state-wide elections until we can get a handle on out-of-state students voting in our elections, keeping the voter roles clean and prosecuting fraud. Since I am retired military, I have a lot of friends here in AZ with foreign-born spouses who are not US citizens. All of them received voter registration materials from the AZ Secretary of State, for the first time. None of them requested the materials. Yes, there was massive fraud in the last election here and it's going to take time and effort to defeat it in the future.