Big Alberta Bears

Discussion in 'Big Game' started by Desert Rat, Sep 17, 2006.

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    I'm like Creed. I'm afraid of bears. I won't hunt them, not even with a rifle. IMO, anyone who hunts them with stick and string is insane.

    Those are some dandy looking bruins though. Thanks for sharing the pics.

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    Those are big black bears. Thanks for letting us all see.
  3. Holy Shrimp!!! :shock: :shock:
    That's what I call a bear :runforhills:
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    You can't post pictures like that without telling the story behind them. So what's the story?
  5. The bears were eating home-made peanut butter cookies and the people shot them.......:D
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    Probably true :roll:
  7. The old boy with the beard is Tink Nathan. He is the founder of Tink's #69. He booked an Alberta hunt through me, for him and his lady friend, Dot. Dot is from Louisiana, and had never been that cold before lol. At one point, she had a bear climb up her stand and was swiping at a pack that was hanging down from her stand. The one in the picture, she was too cold to draw her bow - the guide had left a .30-30, so she popped Mr. Bear with the rifle (legal). She said it was the best hunting trip she'd ever been on. They've since parted company, I think..
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    Appears to be a wise decision on his part. :beer: