Big Lake Last Week

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  1. Took the family up to the White Mountains last week. We fished Big Lake in the evenings because the days were too windy. This was not a super serious fishing trip, but we did manage to catch few cutthroats. I worked on teaching my daughter how to cast a spinning reel. Previously, she would just use a little push button, but she has grow out of that! We caught fish on various Kastmasters and Mepps Spinners in sizes 1/8 - 1/4 oz. The fish were in a post spawn mode and quit hungry!
    639ED918-EF7C-40F1-844E-7C3951525347.jpeg C076E887-C854-4FF2-ABD3-92B478C9DE4E.jpeg 9BD535CB-7CE6-45A1-8451-F2F801DAB0A1.jpeg
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    Looks alot different without whitecaps lol
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  3. Just got back from camping there today. We rented a boat for the day on Friday and caught about 10 or so in the morning time before we headed back for lunch. my son caught a good size rainbow but we let him go which he was not happy about lol
    I also caught a brook that was good size and also let him go.
    It was great seeing my son catching stuff. We were trolling with different spinners
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  4. I was so confused. I thought @Fern started this thread and read he was teaching his daughter to fish! Like damn. Dudes got a second family haha. Great job guys
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  5. Nice Fern, I always let the big boys go, keep and eat the little stockers.
  6. Thanks for sharing the pics!
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  7. You’re welcome! I know the motto around here :D