Birds on the ground?

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  1. I’d like to see some responses on this one…. but no fighting! Why is it considered to be bad form/unethical/unsportsmanlike to shoot game birds on the ground? In some ways, I get it. In other ways, I don’t. I mean - doves are a lot harder to hit when they are zipping through the air, [...]

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    "If It runs like a rabbit it dies like a rabbit" we use it in our hunter ed class
    1. to break the ice with the peolpe
    2. this was said and done by a G&F officer years ago
    3. hope it makes you laugh lol :)
    yes i posted that on azod lol i shoot game birds on the ground each person has there own code of ethics they follow yours is different then mine. i dont shoot turkeys out of a roost some do.
    two years ago i had a cow elk tag my 1st ever elk tag i had chased a cow up this hill i got 30 yards from her i put my gun up ready to shoot but the shot i had wasnt good to me she was bordside also her killzone was bihide some small tree's all i had was a gut or head shoot i waited and i still didnt have a good kill shot. so guess what she walked away and i still have that tag. what would other people have done i heard one guy say he would have shot it in the guts. another one said he would have shot it in the head not me. thats one of my code of ethics.

  3. I think one of the biggest things to the change to only harvest in the air and not if it runs like a rabbit it can die like a rabbit way of harvesting is Conservation and also hunting for the most part is an addition to the food we have..not the only one of the sources of food a person survives on

    As for big game hunting...on a cow or doe i like the head shot the best...ruin less meat and they go down and quickly or if they don't means you missed
    I know many oldtimers who do not understand the ehart and kung shot you want meat head shots mean you don't have to track your dinner as one and I mean oldtimer was telling me he harvested for meat not to put anything on the I would have to say" in his eyes" shooting for the lungs and heart is unethical just a matter of perspective
    But as for taking Questionable shots or doing the pray and spray method...I find that to be a black eye to anyone who hunts and tries to be as safe as possible
  4. well i go for the heart and lungs thats what we teach in hunter ed and in our classes we do what we teach, and we dont take head shoots or texas heart shoots eaither. (butt Shoots) to us head shoots are more unethical then heart/lung thats my perspective. saftey is number 1 to us go to and see where az is on the list. i guess its to each there own
  5. I do heart and lung shots But then again I mostly bow hunt also specially on bucks that are going to be taxidermied..
    But it is intersting how eras and trains of thoughts change through out the years of time..even methods of hunting is different from areas of plenty of game to areas of sparser game ..

    Safety should be upmost on every hunters mind...
    I would venture to say from the accisdents you hear about form here in AZ to back east are more of a hunter not identifying their target..or not making sure of what is beyond their target

    I know I would still much rather hunt with Dick Cheney then be in a vehicle with Ted Kennedy

    Your link doesn't bring up the site your speaking of
  6. My uncle used to give me a hard time fer shooting quail on the ground.......I just told him they still taste the same.
    But, it really depends on the person. To each their own, but as seen on another site, I dont want to see hunters ridiculing other hunters for their method of hunt, as long as it is legal.
  7. OK Stupid question .....where is the stats your speaking of t many links to check out Thanks
  8. i say that people need to take a hunter ed class we are having one in july/aug if anyone needs/wants to take it tons of info in it you'll learn what shots to take and what shots not to take. and you'll hear the good ol sayin

    IF IT RUNS LIKE A RABBIT IT DIES LIKE A RABBIT lmao like i said we use it to get a laugh out of the class!!!