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  1. About how long will it take me to drive from Queen Creek to Bisbee? My daughter may attend a field trip there (mine tour)
  2. Well,

    ITs about 3-4 hours from Phoenix to Benson, depending on where your coming from, and an additional 45 minutes or so to Bisbee from Benson.

    I hope this helps.


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    Takes us about 3 1/2 hours to get to Sky Harbor and we are only 20 minutes from Bisbee. Based on that I would say 4 hours tops. Is it the Copper Queen Mine Tour?
  4. Chief - yup, that's the one. Thanks guys.
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    Bring something warm to wear in the mine, also waterproof.
  6. I'm fairly close to Hwy 79 (Florence - Oracle). Is there a "back way" (from Oracle) that would be quicker for me, or should I still take I-10 all the way to 80 or wherever... ?
  7. I'm thinking that I-10 will be your best bet. The "back way would bring you down through Globe and back onto I-10 in Tucson, or through San Manuel to Cascabel road adn follow the San Pedro down. That would probably be an all day adventure. Stick to I-10 and go through either Benson-->Tombstone-->Bisbee, or go by Chiefs house by taking Hwy90 through Sierra Vista--> Hereford, and that route. I think of the 2 Hwy 80 through Benson and all the way down into Bisbee will be the fastest but have never timed either route.

    Good luck

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    I-10 to the Fort Huachuca/SierraVista Exit, SR 90 to Sierra Vista, stay on 90 which turns into Buffalo Soldier Trail until you hit 92, take a right on 92 will take you right into Bisbee.
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    I'll be there on the 4th. Been sommoned for jury duty. Sure am looking forward to that.