Blue Grouse Hunting 2016

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  1. Hi everyone. Just trying to gather as much info as I can on AZ blue grouse before the season starts next week. I plan on trying out kaibab and the white mountains this year. Ive hunted bobwhites and pheasant back in Kansas all my life and have been hunting quail here in AZ since ive moved out here. I want to go for grouse but Ive never gone before and im not sure what to expect. Anyone have any tips or info on what to look for? Im planning a trip to kaibab here soon and im just wondering if anyone has been up there and can tell me if its worthwhile. The seasons and bag limits seem to have risen in the past few years so im thinking this is a good thing. I only shoot birds in the air so im hoping i can get a few to flush. Im trying to gather some backup so I can convince my Kansas buddies they need to head west for bird season!
  2. Welcome to AHT D'birdies50, Enjoy AZ. I was up on Kaibab a couple of years ago on a buddys Buffalo hunt, down by the National Park entrance and we saw quite a few grouse while driving around to stands or just taking walks in the woods. Really never seen so many until then, so yes I would say its a good spot to start.

  3. Following this thread. I have never been Grouse hunting but I'm thinking about it. I have heard good things about the Kaibab for Grouse. I haven't found a lot of data on them though online. I found some old posts on birdwatching sites on some places but they don't seem to want to help you once they find out you want to eat them :D Chances are slim and none but I am considering hiking the San Francisco peaks this fall to look for some. In the regulations there's an e-mail for grouse hunters to report their findings but you may be able to reach out to them and see if they would be willing to share. More than likely its a biologist so they would send you to a spot they want to check out but they don't know if or how many birds are there.
  4. not a big population like in Wy or Idaho, you will have to work to find them
  5. Good topic! I just moved here last summer and wanted to head north looking for blues and/or chukar last season but didn't get it done. I hope to this season for sure. PM me if you'd like to potentially partner up. I'm currently living in west valley of PHX.
  6. Some buddies and I put in for 12a turkey with the opportunity to nab grouse while we're up there. We saw a single one last year, but were only up there for 48 hours; hopefully this year we'll expand that some.
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  7. Looks like im doing a last minute trip this weekend meeting a buddy in flag. Thanks for the advice everyone il bring back a scouting report hopefully its a good one! Got a migratory bird stamp too so hopefully i can get shooting in of some sort!
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  8. So i was able to get up there for a day last weekend and saw 2 grouse...didnt get the chance to shoot as they were gone as fast as i saw them. Didnt have a dog with me (our brittanies are in the housedog stage of life) and it seems like that would help. Definitely have to move slow and im sure we walked over quite a few. Definitely good habitat lots of aspen and mixed conifers with berry bushes scattered about. Saw both birds on the south end near the park entrance and didnt see anything when we were up further north. Seems like the worse the terrain is for walking the better it is for grouse! Hopefully il get to do another trip this year but il be preoccupied with quail here in a few weeks