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Discussion in 'Hunting Lounge' started by TallPaul, Dec 6, 2006.

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  2. Mine have been up for a while now.

    They are not updated and or incorrect. I called G&F last year prior to the application process for the fall hunts. There were several hunts I would not have been able to participate in so my question was Would I still keep the loyalty point if I only applied for the points. I was told yes I would still keep that point. So for a couple of the tags I only applied for the bonus points, and they are now not listed in my bonus points.

    However I was finally able to get them to put my Hunters Safety point on the list. Took me 3 years and several phone calls,and finallly mailing them copies of all my cards, but I finally got credit. Now just waiting for them to put the loyalty points back up. LOL

    And hopefully within the next 20 years I might actually draw an antelope and elk tag.

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    Speaking of bonus points, how exactly do they work and how does it help? I thought that for each point you earned, it was like putting another application in the barrel, In effect, doubling your chances. I was told recently however that wasnt how it worked, but was offered no explaination on how it actually does work. Does anyone know?

    Doug Gordon
  4. Bonus points are exactly like lottery tickets............the more you have, the better chance to have, BUT there is no guarantee whatsoever.
    I now have 10 points for elk, and that is my problem, because I only put in for 1 unit, which I would like to draw before I am to old. But, 2 years ago, a friend and his 2 buddies from North Dakota drew bull tags in the unit I want with 0 POINTS!! They didnt even have a hunter ed. point.
    So, don't try to figure it out......keep applying for what you want. When yer number comes up, enjoy it to the max because it may be a long time before you get another tag.
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    I have 14 points!!! Been a long dry spell for me, now age and a continuing back problem will probably force me to use all them points on a cow. This coming draw will be bull first choice and cow second as I feel this is probably my last high country hunt. Would like to see them use a system similiar to CO, high numbers first, or go back to the way it was many years ago, if you drew a tag you had to sit out 2 years.
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    YES HOW DOES IT WORK???? Maybe AZSlim could fill us in. I think I saw him drop by.
  7. Chief, dont burn those points on a have to be close to max points that will put you in a separate pool.
    Do you bowhunt? If so, I can and will help.
    If not, put in for an early hunt then a late bull hunt 2nd choice, THEN cow 3rd choice. If you draw, let me know, I will do some scouting for you.
    PM me if you need some help.....ok?
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    Thanks, may just take you up on your offer. I use to bow hunt, but no longer can spend the time required to practice, after I fling a few the back starts acting up, so my son is now the owner of all my archery equipment. My hunt last week with Cochise made me realize that I can no longer do things that I just took for granted in years past. Again thank you for the kind offer and don't be suprised if you hear from me after the draw. :beer:
  9. Whomever told you that was not correct is mistaken IFISHBAJA.
    For every point you have, you get one ticket in the pot. If you have 5 bonus points, you will have 6 chances at being drawn from the pool (your app and the 5 bonus points). This doesn't really help until like someone else said, you get to max points. If you think about it 10 chances with 10000 people putting in isn't much better than 1 chance as far as odds go (.ooo1% compared to .001%). But hey, not much better is better than nuttin!
    I don't know what the max points is, but when you reach that, you go into a special pot for the 1st 20% of tags for that unit with anyone else that has max points so your chances are much greater.
  10. What we need is a trophy cow catagory. Measure the skull like bear, javelina, lion. A cow is harder to kill than a bull nowdays. Those cows don't stand there and announce there wherabouts like dumb bulls. Get a trophy cow better eating, less weight to carry out. What are you going to do with those horns? Somebody will always have a bigger set. Now you don't have to worry and complain about bonus points, getting drawn, and I don't have to worry about what the game & fish is going to do next trying to make you happy with changes, bonus points and the like.