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  1. What do you guys wear for boots? When I'm out in the desert, I wear low-cut hiking/sneaker thingys. I do have some "hunting" boots too, but I'm not so sure I like them. On my one day death march/elk hunt last year, they sucked. In 6A the ground we were hunting was littered with softball-sized stones that rolled your feet at every step.

    My feet and ankles have always bothered me. I feel like I need some ankle support, but when I buy high boots for ankle support, they are too stiff, and feel more like ski boots.
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    I ain't in the desert but when there isn't snow on the ground or pouring down rain, I wear a pair of Merrill hiking boots - ankle high. Terrain in Maine varies and quickly from fields and flats, to swamps, to rocks, ledgest and steep inclines.
    Pouring rain I go for a standard rubber boot and with snow, depending on depth and air temperature, I wear my Merrills with mink oil, an L.L. Bean type hunting booting (rubber bottoms and leather uppers) to a full pack insulated boot.

  3. I used to wear ankle-top boots but got sick of picking stuff out of my socks. Now I look for boots with 10" or so uppers. right now am using Cabela's Trophy Series boots. Was looking at the Elk Hunters by Danner but couldn't get the high tops without a bunch of insulation in them. Living in Az insulation is not necessary or even desired. If you do happen to get on a cold weather hunt just put on pair of synthetic sock liners under some heavy wool socks. I also buy my boots about a 1/2 size large just to give space for heavy socks.
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    Danner pronghorns have been the best boot I have found so far.
  5. I usually wear Hi-Tecs. The ones with the fabric/leather combo uppers, like Sierra Lites or similar. Right now I have a pair that are leather and water-proof. They don't have much insulation, but have adequate padding and are pretty sturdy for the hiking I do in Units 33 & 37B. Here in the desert, its mostly rocks and sand and the cactus thorns don't penetrate easily. Mid-rise.
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    I wear ROCKYs 8". They are pretty good for me. I like high boots for the support. My next pair... Danner's Proghorns.
  7. I like the 16" snake boots. Lots of ankle support, and they keep the cactus out. Especially while i'm sneaking up on something archery hunting. I dont have to worry as much about where I step. Not real worried about snakes. But if they will stop a snake fang they dang sure stop cactus thorns. LOL
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    I wear a pair of Danners when I am big game hunting in the mtns. When I am in the desert shooting birds or yotes I wear a pair of Reeboks that are ankle high and a pair of snake garters, they are great for keeping the cactus from penetrating your pants and busting through the oakbrush.
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    Ten inch GBX. Stumbled across them by accident at one of the shoe stores in Tucson. Not very expensive and very comfortable. Up until then I have always bought Danners.
  10. Danner sport hiking boots and socks for me. The socks may be more important than the boots.

    For rolly rocks I use a walking stick.

    For grass with sharp seeds, like this year, a pair of Cabelas gaiters.

    When the snakes are out I wear chaps.