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the day was so much fun we saw everything from ant-deer even the javies came out for us we only had about 30 people that came out to hel with the clean up that was sad because we all know that there is 2500 big game tags in that unit but oh well next year the camp out is back. it will be even better. hoe u like the pixs.

Group pix before the day started

an 1800's cabin its awesome to see something like that

A duck out enjoying the day

some Elk we saw if you look close its a bull

and my fav one we got within 30 FT of this guy and he didnt care that we were there i have lots of pixs of him my 1st time seeing a spotting elk calf

here is one after he had enough water

P.S. even saw a doe ant with twins couldnt get a pix though hope u like these we were out there for 12 hours today :) and loved it

Good going. Glad you had the help and the people showed up. Thanks for cleaning up some of our state. Those are great photos. Love the Elk shots.
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