Boquillas Ranch Clean up Date

Discussion in 'Community Campfire' started by Desert_Ram, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. well we have set the date for the Boquillas ranch clean up and its goingto be June 30th this year we wont have the big campout/cookout cause the timing wasnt good. but you can campout on the ranchif you so wish to. just remember NO QUADS and NO HORSES!!! bring your guns and bows and while out picking up trash do some hunting. this is a great day for the family to be together. As the new govt liaison this is one of my jobs to put this event on and i would love to see people come from all over the state. HEY its hot down there in the valley come up here where its cooler and have a good time with the Mohave Sportsman Club members. i'm sure some of you have unit 10 tags this year. and whats one day out of your time? two years ago two guys got a nice MT lion there. you see more wildlife then trash. if you want more info PLEASE contact me you all know how to PM i know it. :hahaha: my goal is 100 ppl out there.come on out folks. :)
  2. Good luck on the cleanup, sounds like alot of fun. Wish i could be there.:cool:

  3. well TX next year come to our ranch clean up bring the grandkids with you and you can cook all the meals for our little camp :hahaha: and do the dishes :lol2: and if you dont do a good job :smack2: LMAO well a firefighter should cook good!!!!
  4. the ranch clean up is this sat guys with 2500 Big Game Tags in unit 10 i hope to see a few of you there at Pica Camp at 8 am its going to be lots of fun bring your gun or your bow and do some hunting while your out there picking up some trash. and do some hunting why not. for more info just ask ok.
  5. TallPaul oops sorry its the 30th that we found out