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    Today I got fired up about a press release I found that came from the Center for Biological Diversity. They are against building a wall along the border to keep out the illegals because it might disrupt some of the migration of certain species including some that are endangered.

    I countered in my article as to why they didn't take issue with the destruction and environmental hazzards being done by the illegals in the lands in and around the border.

    I thought perhaps some of you guys who live in that area might be interested in hearing more about it or maybe you're already sick of it.

    Here's the link anyway to my article.

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    You're right Tom, we are sick of it. But we will not give up the fight to stop the environmental rape of our deserts.

    Immigration Reform needs to be a REAL solution and not some "same-old-same-old" amnesty program from Washington. Sensitivity and diversity is killing this country.

    Oh, and the Center for Biological Diversity... what an oxymoron. They're just another group of liberals who's biggest concern is a "handful" of endangered animals, rather than humanitarian efforts and the perseverance of freedom for millions of humans.

    Grrr, please, don't get me started. :wink:
  3. I'm going to go out a limb here ( and hopefully not too far off topic), but I think the wall is the biggest crock I've ever heard of. Will it really be cost effective? What't the price tag? Millions? Billions?
    IMO, we don't need a physical barrier..what we need is enforcement of our current federal law, and give our state & local agencies federal support be it $$ or simply judicial concurrence.
    Take away the demand, and the supply will reduce. Fine companies that hire illegals 1K per occurance per worker. You get 30 days grace period to clean your employment rolls of illegals. Fine them 5K per occurence after the 30 day period.
    I don't believe that Americans won't do the jobs illegals are currently doing. Pay a fair wage and the jobs will be filled. Yep, there will be a bump in our economy, but I don't believe it will last too long. At least we'll know what the "real" economic picture is.
    Bill the illegal's country of origin the cost of apprehension, any medical care received, food, water, deportation costs. and whatever other charges actually incurred.
    If they don't pay, they no longer recieve whatever federal financial aide they may be currently getting.

    Those immigrating legally - Welcome to the United States of America!
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    This is one subject that is near and dear to my heart as we are within spitting distance of the border. Almost nightly our Dobbie awakens us at about 2 or 3 AM, I pull on a set of pants, grab the 12Ga and flashlight open the door and out he goes barking and growling, you hear a lot of yelling and then all is quite. The Dobbie comes back, looks up at me and with a look on his face that says " it's ok boss, I took care of the problem." My son is very active in the border and puts a lot of time in cleaning up the desert. There is a DVD out titled "Cries from the Border" which takes place almost entirely in Cochise county and right near our place. Our son is on the back cover of the DVD (He's the one with the rifle) and plays a role in the documentary, he is the good looking guy, looks like his dad.

    Take a look in the current hunting regulations for those areas on the American/mexican border it states "Homeland security issues along the international border may affect the quality of a person's hunt."
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    This is yet another one that almost made me grab up my rifle and wage a little private war. Our politicans let this crap happen and we still re-elect and/or elect one of the same mind set. We have no one to blame except ourself for letting these spineless SOB's return to offfice.
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    Amen Chief. We're definately on the same page.

    Dutchman, guidelines such as you offered are a good start toward a REAL immigration reform law. Our spineless jelly-fish in Washington are too worried about hurting someones feelings, rather than develop a solution to the problem.

    Who's America Is It these days? Don't anyone be so fast to answer that question, you just might be wrong. :?
  7. Guys - I have a friend that puts out a pretty "in your face", anti illegal immigration, far right wing newsletter . If you want a copy, shoot me an e-mail and I'll forward it to you. It's not quite daily, and comes in e-mail form. If you like it, send him an e-mail, and he'll put you on the list...

    He also owns So, he's an outdoorsman to boot.
  8. I new I liked this forum...

    There is an easy to fix most of these problems. And it has several fold of incentives to my mind that will make it work for everyone.

    1.. Not a fence along the border. .50 cal about every 1000 yards, with overlapping fields of fire. ( of course making sure that the whole border is covered some may be closer), and the sniper squads can take up the rest of the slack, with orders that anyone crossing the line if fair game no exceptions. If they cross the line they get it. That way the animals may pass freely. Our military gets some training, Borderpatrol gets some relief, and folks along the border can go back to being rural residents with all the perks of living safely in the US.

    2. Leave the ports of entry open. Let them come in, only make them do it legally. Not that hard a concept, DUH. And keep track of them. Make them pay taxes. and allow them discounted rates for transport back to where they came from if they need health care or any other services along those lines. We might stabilise but they get to treat, the Hospitals in Tucson already do this. Stabilize the patients and pay to have them taken back to mexico. Cheaper to pay for the transport then care for them until recovery.

    3. Drag net the country. Round up every illegal in the country, and send them back. Every single one of them that is not here legally needs to go ( obvious, but part of this so bear with me) And as part of their punishment every single one of them will have to spend 1 week picking up trash along the border, and taking it with them back into mexico. . As each one of them will be picking upmore then they can carry. The excess of carrying capacity can be trucked back, and if mexico dont like it then it can be flown in by parachute or airdropped in some fashion. Let it fill up their landfills. Also they will be rebuilding the fences they have cut and destroyed. And repairing everything they have damaged. Since most of them are supposed to be working in the building trades, this should not be a problem. They can even help in building the machinegun posts.

    4. Any US company operating outside the US will be taxed to compensate for lost wages here in the states. This and removing all the illegals should have the effect of allowing every able bodied American the ability to find a job of their liking. That includes every teenager. They all need to know what its like to sweat for a living for a while. I picked lettuce, baled alphalfa, and built fence when I was a kid so can they. Its not menial labor, or character building, its something that needs to be done so go do it. Get over it. Which should also serve to bring the average weight of our kids back to where it need to be. No more couch potatoes= healthier Americans

    5. The rancher in Cochise county that lost his ranch to the illegals, because he was defending his property. Will get his property back with intrest, And the judge who ruled on that one will be trasported directly out of the country. If a judge believes that anything, legaly supercedes a US citizen's, ability to defend his property from an invasion must mean that particular Judge needs to live elsewhere.

    This is only my opinion, I have nothing against any particular human who does things legally.not a thing. I have worked beside carded and naturalized immigrants my whole life. The ones from the old days were some of the most talented people I have ever met. Especially the Vaqueros from central America. I learned alot from those guys.
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    Aman Shane. On thier way out. they should pick up thier trash and take it back with them! It's one of the rules of outdoorsmen. If you carry it in. Then you can carry it out.