Burgers on the grill

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  1. Hamburgers on the grill

    If I don't want to waste my game meat I will pick up the sirloin steaks that are about ready to hit their expiration date so they are cheap, trim real lean & grind them up with some bacon and maybe green chiles or onions and make hamburgers. The bacon adds a real nice flavor. My wife especially likes the maple flavored bacon in burgers. I lean towards regular bacon and green chiles and/or sometimes a fresh jalapeno or habanero.
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    I have a suggestion that might interest you. I too like grinding bacon into various meats for sausage or burgers. Are you familiar with Eddies country store in pinetop? They sell apple smoked bacon and it is great stuff ground into burgers or breakfast sausage.
    have a good one.

  3. Will have to check it out. I have a couple different sausage recipes that use bacon for fat & flavor, apple smoked would be an interesting addition.