Cabela 8x10 tent sale or barter

Discussion in 'The Outpost & Mercantile' started by RickWild, Nov 21, 2020.

  1. F254025F-2505-4CE7-8275-846A9FFBD05C.jpeg 9A9F2E6B-D88D-40F3-AF63-908EC3FAC235.jpeg 33075FFB-E0E0-41B0-B061-0477B179AA28.jpeg A51AF56F-B5C8-487F-A7B4-BDD910908FD1.jpeg F053CA79-40C2-4B08-86F7-74B1BFD9D5AA.jpeg 83BD4013-FF1C-4CA0-B600-90F9FEDFB201.jpeg Great for 2 people, listed as a 4 person. ; metal poles to hold it up. 10” quality stakes. Used one time so basically new. ZERO DAMAGE from original purchase. Shown without rain fly. Pic of storage bar, poles, stakes, rain fly and a shelf to hang inside. I am a wooping 5’8” and have plenty of headroom everywhere inside except tight in the corners. I’m hoping to trade this for a nice back pack which should allow an arrow quiver to attach to the side, maybe a place to slip in an elk quarter. I’m thinking $200 cash if no trade item. Let me know what you have to trade.