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    Wife and I are heading up to Cabela's tomorrow (5 Sep). It's about a 4 hour drive for us so I hope it's worth it. Have you guys that live in the area been there, is it worth the drive? Maybe we can meet for lunch someplace or even at Cabela's. I know most of you have jobs and probably have to be there so if there are no takers I understand, plus I don't know for sure that we are going. This retired live is tough, to many damn decisions to make - go to Cabela's - go dove hunting - go predator calling - go scouting for deer - decisions, decisions, decisions.
  2. Yea i have been there a few times. In fact I went Saturday and it was a mad house. You shouldn't have as big a crowd tho, everyone will be back to work. They have a place to eat, sell burgers, sandwiches and the like.

    Don't expect any deals unless you find something in the Bargain Cave, prices are what you see in the catalogs.

    Mounts and fishtanks are nice tho.

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    Thanks Slim, guess it may be worth it just to say I been there. Wife did mention that I had to surrender the credit card at the door and that we would be going to the Lonestar Restaurant for lunch. Said she ain't going all that way to have a hamburger.
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    Chief, I can't make it I do the four letter thing. I live up here and still haven't been there. I am waiting for the crowds to die down. :lol:
  5. Hey Chief
    Been there a couple of times. Spent some money. If you are going to buy something IMO know what you want and buy. I could go crazy just randomely buying stuff..LOL. They have everything. It will be worth the trip. Good luck.
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    Women have QVC and men have Cabela's.

    Fair is fair, Chief. Next time your wife is watching QVC, make her surrender the credit card. :wink:
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    Well we went. I don't know what I was expecting but I wasn't overly impressed :( The guns in the gun library are terrific and I probably spent most of the time in there then other parts of the store. I noticed they had a Anschutz 1518M (22Mag) for $999.00, I have one in the gun safe and if any of you are looking to buy one, I'll sell you mine for $998.00 no tax :) I was really disappointed in the predator calling section - I think I have more "stuff" than they do. The wife wasn't impressed either, but she ended up spending a "few" bucks, the grandkids got more than I did, I walked out with a shirt and a bulb squeeker. The mounts and the fish tank are the highpoints of the store, they really did a great job. Wasn't busy at all, we parked real close to the entrance and when we checked out, 2 hours later, there was nobody in line. I think I'll spend my money at the Sportsman Warehouse, most of the same stuff but priced a little lower.
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    I was there yesterday also. I have the same impression with the store as Chief. I also looked in the gun library and was actually astonished at some of the asking prices. If I had paid what they were asking for my Browning Auto (they are asking $1099.00) or my Citori ($1999.00) I would be divorced. Overall the
    place was just another retail store. We only bought some fudge and licorce, (looking at all the mounts made me a little hungry). At least we have somewhere to compare prices to with Sportsmans. If you haven't been there, it is worth visiting, at least to look around.
  9. I was there the other day, and after being to Bass pro in Springfield, Cabela's wasnt impressive at all.
    Did you see the bedded antelope mount? No score on him, but that thing has to have 12" bases!!