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Discussion in 'Hunting Lounge' started by TallPaul, May 6, 2007.

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    I have met a few fellow hunters from ( yes they have been coming) California and they have Ca. Hunter Ed. cards. Do they have to do Arizona Hunter Ed. or can it be transfered over to our state?
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    Don't quote me Paul, but I believe AZG&F honors out-of-state Hunter Ed classes. Seems there's a reciprocity rule used by most states? Maybe Garth can chime in?

  3. well they can hunt here but if they are kids under 14 they have to take our hunter ed :) but if they what the BP they need to take the one day non-res hunter ed class if you want have them cal G&F for more info on it. some hunter ed ins do a non-res class we do just makes for a long day that class is a 12 hour day lol
  4. They are fine ..just about any place you go hunt any states hunters ed cards are good they just want you to have one

    The only thing if they want the AZ hunters ed bonus point they would have to do the AZ hunters ed
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    Thanks K9, that's what I wanted to know. This guy said he would do the Az hunter ed. I just was wondering about the BP. He is a res. and not a non-res. just didn't get around to see about hunting here. I told him it's great to hunt AZ. He is all for it.
  6. i woud still tell them to take the hunter ed cause they would get alot of great info from it.
  7. Not to hijack the thread, but if my Hunter's Ed card is lost/packed away/MIA - can AZGF get me a replacement, or a letter or something?
  8. lmao ?? for you when did you take it?
  9. Like 5 years ago. Just concerned if I hunt out of state, how I am going to prove I took it
  10. ok good yes call G&F 602-942-3000 ask for the hunter ed dept and give them your info they will need where you took the class the ins name the date you took it and your Dept ID number and SS number it may take a few days but they will find it. good luck if you need help PM i have a great contact there and i can get ahold of him.