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  1. So I'm somewhat new to the site. Registered over a year ago but recently started reading and really getting into predator hunting. I have a still cottontail and a howler hand call but been thinking about an electronic. I'm really bad with the calls I have even though I have been preactacing and irritating my other half for the better part of 6 months. I've managed to get some responses with the howler but haven't been able to call anything in. I'm just outside Payson and we have a very good coyote population just outside my back fenceline. Would an electronic call be something worth investing in? Thanks for the opinions.
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  2. NO, in my opinion. I have one, use it very seldom, I like using several different mouth rabbit distress calls on a lanyard because you can vary the tone and sound so much easier, just change up your calls your using during each calling stand. Stick with mouth calls till you master them, you will be happier.
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  3. Well….. Here is my opinion, calling in predators with hand calls is a blast and nothing is more satisfying! BUT it takes time and a lot of blowing before you are good enough at it to be consistently successful. So, here is what I would do, go online and look for predator calling sounds, try to mimic the sounds with your hand calls, stick to rabbit and or bird calls to start. Keep trying to call in the coyotes but not at the same places where you have been, go to different areas where you’ve not tried before sooner or later one will come in as you get better at making the sounds.

    Also, very important!!!! Set up well, move as little as possible, be aware of the wind, call for a minute or two then stop for a minute, call again, remember you are an injured rabbit, cry out a little then get your breath back and cry a little more be as realistic an “injured rabbit” as you can be THEY WILL COME!

    OR… buy an e-caller

    Good luck
  4. Thank
    S. I've done a lot of rabbit hunting over the years and I've been doing what you suggested. Recently I've been trying to mimic their exact tone since coyotes are smart. I think part of my problem is I tend to go out during the day which I know is harder. I've been paying a lot of attention to my set up recently after reading a few posts here. I figured it was just practice. Just wondered what others with more experience thought.
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    Don't discount diaphragm calls, if you can get past the learning curve. If you haven't already, check out the MFK Game Calls hunting videos on YouTube. Those guys really work some magic with the diaphragms.

  6. I've given up deer hunting and taken on predator hunting as my primary hobby. We called in a triple on foxes this past weekend along with a bobcat.

    The setup I run and recommend to others:
    - fox pro call
    - mojo critter decoy
    - outrigger outdoors red eye predator hunting light

    That predator hunting light is unreal, foxes/bobcats/coyotes don't pay any attention to it when I mount it to a tree and its all remote control.

    I hope this helps!!
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  7. I've been using the Primos AlphaDogg electronic call. Comes with quite a few preprogrammed call sequences and have been very happy with it. I went out 2 weeks ago to a new area, set up my call about 3:30pm, got settled in, set off a challenge howl followed by a dying Jack and it didn't take 10 min and I had responses all around me. Had one come in like he was on a string to about 75 yards.
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