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    So what calls do you use? When I was young (a long time ago) and poor (4 kids) I had only one call, a closed reed circe that sounded like a distressed jackrabbit. It was very effective and I wish I had it still. Now I have more calls than I could ever use in a lifetime and feel that I have never spent enough time with anyone of them to get the sound perfected :cry: Most of them now are custom calls made by some real craftmen. I had one made out of the antler of the first Coues my youngest daughter killed and one day that call will be passed on to her son. I have sent "chunks" of mesquite and oak from our back yard to other call makers to have calls made as a reminder of all the good things our little piece of Arizona has given us, these calls also will be passed on to the grandkids - but not to soon I hope. However now a days I use, almost exclusively, an e-caller, FoxPro to be more specific. I have tried just about all the e-callers on today's market and find the FoxPro to be pretty effective and offers a wide range of calls, although I do think it is a bit over-priced. The fox in this picture was killed while I was on a hunt in Germany back in 1982 and the coues was taken a few years ago in 35A.
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    Calls Of The Wild.


    I have a few calls. My calls are not just for predators, since I don't have many I'll put them all out. Okay, no laughing, I take a lot of photos and realy can't figure out how they are going to look on the web until I post them. My calls are all new (within 2yrs.). I have a home made e-caller that works pretty good for less than $65.00. Don't forget I am a cheap SOG. You could make one for less. Mine is an MP3 with a speaker. I like the hand calls, but don't know if I am doing it right.


  3. One of the best hand calls I have used is actually a Quaker boy Cow call. I just make it scream and they come running.
  4. I've still got calls that I bought in the mid 60's. What I use most are custom calls or Foxpro callers these days.
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    Hey Weasel, do you still have the picture of those old Weems and Circe calls? You know, the pic in front of that old copy of... The Varmint and Crow Hunters Bible?

    I still wish you'd Will those calls to me... :roll:
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    Weasel, nice photos. And have you written anything on Predators?
  7. The only thing I've written on predators would be a couple of product reviews. I'm currently evaluating an electronic caller and a howler that should hit the market soon. I suppose I'll write a review of those products when the time comes.
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    Weasel, didn't you have an old wooden Weems All Call in a little box? I believe you said you kept it on your desk?

    Those old wooden Circes (pre-Lohman) are my favorites. I had that same Bert Popowski book, lent it to a friend and never saw it again. :cry:

    Is that green call in the middle of the pic - a Thompson?
  9. I don't have a wood Weems call. That green plastic call is a Weems All-Call.