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  1. C007824C-629B-432A-8B5D-DBB922E6E3AF.jpeg CEC0A95C-8048-4C2F-AC0C-21E0E752B84C.jpeg I have been buying and eating these for several years now. Very tasty, healthy, very filling, and will not go bad on you. No refrigeration required. I’ll have one or 2 for breakfast with my coffee before heading out. Again, very filling, they will hold you over. Great to carry around for a snack. I’ve seen them I. fry’s but Costco has the best price. I buy the really small zip-lock bags, place 2 inside and freeze.
  2. I've seen these, but I thought they were to put in a bird feeder.

  3. Thanks for the review, Always need this kind of review.
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    Those look interesting, but "will not go bad" scares me a bit. :)
  5. We have had these too and we eat them too fast for them to go bad. The kids like them too.
  6. maybe I exaggerated. I never had any go bad but...I keep them in the freezer at home until needed. I’ve kept them in my cooler at camp for 10 days, and packed them in warm weather. No issues. I say freeze them because the package contains 50 I think.

    AND your probably just messin with a sincere, honest person.
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  8. Yep, Oatmeal, Hard boiled eggs, Cheese sticks with coffee, Pretty well rounded Breakfast as Far as Im concerned, easy to do breakfast before I leave in AM dark thirty. Now when I get back its a whole different story.

    I ordered some of these today, will get here first of week, going to package them up in 4 to a baggie, freeze for future use and early morn fish trips with Scott..
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  9. Then gives your critique please.
    Then we will know how to please a “bear”.
  10. I'd sure like to see the nutritional panel. Hard boiled eggs and string cheese...the backpackers omelet!
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