Caribou Mystery - Interesting Story

Discussion in 'Desert Rat' started by Desert Rat Blog, May 30, 2007.

  1. Tom Remington over at the Black Bear Blog scrounged up this interesting story about 53 caribou that were mysteriously killed in Alaska 30+ years ago Caribou Alaska, caribou, lightning

  2. Animals killed by lightening isn't that rare, talk with ranchers. My great-grandfather was pushing 10 or 12 head when lightening started striking, he left the cows and headed for the house. When he went back after the storm all of them were dead. Both of my grandfathers had stock killed by lightening, in fact both of them got hit by it while out irrigating. One of the twice. Was up around Seligman in 2004 and there were a couple carcasses laying in Chino Valley, when I told the ranch mgr about them he commented he knew, lightening got them.