Carne Asada

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  1. Thought I'd post this recent one too.

    2 lbs skirt or thin sliced round (I like bottom round)
    juice of 3 oranges and 4 limes (keep the rinds for later)
    5 tbsp of soy sauce
    3 tbsp of vegetable oil
    5 tbsp red wine vinegar
    1 sliced white or yellow onion
    4 smashed cloves of garlic
    1-2 tbsp sugar
    black pepper to taste.

    put it all together the day before and marinate in zip lock bags overnight. Add the orange and lime rinds to the bags. If the meat isn't covered, add some orange juice

    next day cook over charcoal w mesquite chunks, serve w warm tortillas and whatever else makes you happy.

  2. I approve lol. Another popular is using sour oranges

  3. I nominate you to bring several lbs of this to Squirrel Camp for the Sat. potluck! Thanks for sharing the recipe.
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  4. I will onX you my deer and elk camp coordinates
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  5. LOL. Thanks everyone.

    BTW, because of food allergies, we use coco aminos instead of regular soy. So it's not overly salty. You might think of using low salt soy if that's a concern for you.
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  6. Thanks for sharing! I always like to smoke rolling on Weber!
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